Post Event Questionnaire

Post Event Questionnaire

We really value your feedback. It’s how we continually improve our workshops. So we’d greatly appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to answer the questions below.

Since this online form is not interactive, the easiest way for you to share your thoughts with us will be to copy and paste the items below into an email message. Then you can answer the questions and send them back to matthew [at] higherselfguides [dot] com.

Please answer these questions in full sentences or paragraphs.

1. What were the obstacles in your mind that (almost) prevented you from signing up for the workshop? Do you remember your hesitation? (It might have time, expense, previous experience, who the heck is Matthew, don’t like workshops, already know about the topic, etc.) Please tell me about the obstacle(s) and how you overcame it.

2. What did you find as a result of participating in this workshop?

3) What specific feature did you like most about the workshop?

4. What would be three other benefits about the workshop?

5. Would you recommend this workshop? If so, why?

6. How can I improve things for the future?

7. Is there anything you’d like to add or comment on? (Facilitation, exercises, classmates, your comfort level, food, hospitality, etc.)

And one more question:

8. What is it that you are still seeking that you would most like help with?

When you are done with this please email your thoughts back to matthew [at] higherselfguides [dot] com.

I hope that after our time together you feel that you have a better understanding of the topics we talked about.

Thanks so much.

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