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Hi. Before you go any further we need to provide you with an update.

Due to unplanned circumstances, I will no longer be leading you on this trip. You will be in the very capable hands of Amlas, who owns WildQuest, and Allyn Evans. Allyn is the lead residential trainer for Outreach at The Monroe Institute and she offers Hemi-Sync/Meditation workshops all over the country. Other than this staffing change everything remains the same. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk about this.

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You may want to write down our email addresses and phone numbers just in case you need them. We’re glad to guide you through the process.

Allyn Evans Info[at]allynevans[dot]com 405-612-7782 (CENTRAL time)

Matthew Joyce matthew[at]higherselfguides[dot]com 303-579-3344 (MOUNTAIN time)