Dolphin Excursion

Want more joy and freedom in your life?

(Dolphins enjoy it every day and you can too when you learn to access states of awareness like theirs.)

When life’s demands weigh you down like a giant ship’s anchor it’s easy to feel marooned while the paradise you dream about hides on a distant shore. Fortunately you don’t need to feel like you’re struggling against an unrelenting tide. You can float free when you learn to be more like a dolphin.

Dolphins are powerful symbols of what our lives can be when we learn to swim through life in free-spirited joy. Dolphins are also amongst the most powerful teachers of consciousness on the planet.

When you swim with a pod of wild dolphins they bathe you in their high frequency sonar and naturally shift you into a state of euphoria that many people describe as mystical or even magical.

The feeling is ecstatic, healing, and potentially life-changing.

The only trouble is that it isn’t practical to keep a pod of dolphins in your bathtub or to commute to the ocean every time you want to experience that bliss. Fortunately you don’t have to.

When you join us for our special Dolphin Excursion program you’ll swim with wild dolphins every day for a week while you access higher states of consciousness.

Join us for a week’s adventure in the Bahamas while you swim with wild dolphins every day and learn to shift and expand your consciousness. April 15-21, 2012.


For this workshop we’re headed to the tropical island of Bimini in the Bahamas, just 50 miles off the east coast of Florida where we’ll luxuriate at a seaside retreat for a week of sun, snorkeling, and soaking in dolphin bliss.

Each day you’ll spend your afternoons on the boat and in the water with the dolphins. You’ll also explore a series of exercises designed to introduce you to a variety of tools and techniques for shifting and expanding your consciousness. Plus you’ll have free time for beachcombing beneath swaying palm trees, snorkeling the famed Atlantean stones called the Bimini Road, and enjoying tropical sunsets.

Sounds pretty good, eh? We think so too and we hope you’ll join us.

Let us tell you a bit more about this unique workshop.

Integrating Dolphin and Human Consciousness

dolphin-humanWhen you are in the water with dolphins you are immersed in the special energy that they naturally send out through the sonic vibrations they use to perceive and interact with their environment. These high frequency sound waves travel through your body in a fashion similar to medical ultrasound waves, affecting your mood, your physical well being, and your consciousness.

While these positive effects are well known, the science behind it is still catching up. The leading theory is that the sound waves dolphins send out cause your mind and body to synchronize with their natural frequencies.

In other words, by being in the presence of dolphins your consciousness begins to shift as you naturally attune to their higher frequencies.

When you join us for one or both weeks, you’ll have a chance to experience and recreate for yourself these different states of consciousness through a special audio technology known as Hemi-Sync®.

Hemi-Sync Recreates Dolphin Bliss

Just as our minds and bodies respond to the frequencies emitted by the dolphins, so too do we respond to other sound frequencies.

Hemi-Sync is a patented audio technology that works by sending a complex blend of different sounds to each ear via stereo headphones. When you listen to Hemi-Sync your brain waves begin to synchronize to the frequencies. This is why different combinations of Hemi-Sync signals can help you achieve different states of consciousness.

The Hemi-Sync Difference


These maps of brain wave activity show how listening to the binaural beats of Hemi-Sync can shift your normal random brain activity (left image) to a more focused and organized pattern (right image) enabling you to use more of your brain in an effective way.

After more than 50 years of research and clinical-testing Hemi-Sync has been proven to be safe and effective in a wide variety of applications. Including:

  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Sustained focused attention
  • Enhanced creativity and visualization
  • Emotional healing
  • Releasing fears
  • Perceiving higher energy systems
  • Improved access to inner guidance
  • Experiencing your Higher Self


Here’s How the Course Works

When you are not swimming with the dolphins, visiting the Atlantis stones, or playing on the beach, we will guide you through a sequence of Hemi-Sync exercises to teach you how to comfortably shift and expand your awareness along a continuum of consciousness that goes far beyond your normal waking state.

With Hemi-Sync gently expanding your awareness you’ll engage in activities ranging from breathing techniques and guided visualizations to problem solving to free time for personal exploration.

A typical exercise works like this:

A Typical Exercise Sequence

Over the course of the workshop, you’ll participate in 10 distinct exercises designed to take you into different states of awareness where you’ll engage in activities ranging from breathing techniques and guided visualizations to problem solving to free time for personal exploration. A typical exercise works like this:

1. First we discuss the exercise so you understand its purpose, what to expect, and how to do it. 2. Next you enjoy the exercise as the Hemi-Sync system guides you through the experience.
3. After each exercise there is time to journal and discuss what you’ve learned to help you process the exercise and add it to your toolbox. 4. You’ll also have a chance to visit with your classmates during break time so you can make friends and share at a deeper level.

When you join us for this week you’ll learn 15 different tools and techniques to help you explore and experience these states, including:

  • A simple way to tune into the natural flow of energy around you
  • A powerful affirmation that has helped tens of thousands of people to expand their awareness
  • How to directly experience and use your personal energy field
  • A fast and reliable way to shift your vibratory rate of being
  • A way to access guidance and solve problems with a single breath
  • A special state of consciousness for communicating with animals, guidance, and nonphysical beings
  • How to access and use Dolphin Energy to heal yourself and others—in the water and at home
  • A special guided journey to the ancient city of Atlantis where you’ll learn how to bring heartfelt intentions into physical reality

You’ll also have a chance to practice, journal, reflect, and share your experiences with others in the group so that you can offer your insights and learn from their experiences in turn.


Yeah, But What About Those Dolphins?

On a typical day, after breakfast each morning we gather to do a Hemi-Sync exercise. Then after our post-exercise discussion we collect our picnic lunches, our snorkeling gear and sail on a catamaran to join our dolphin friends.

strip_1As we pull away from the docks, we lounge on the deck of the catamaran in the warm tropical sun or in the shade of the spread of canvas aloft. As we pass beyond the harbor mouth the world turns blue—a deep blue in the sky above and a rich turquoise in the coastal waters below. A light breeze keeps us cool and comfortable as we chat, sing, nap or enjoy some quiet time as we scan the horizon for dolphin fins.

When a pod of dolphins is spotted people jump excitedly and move to the railings to watch their progress as they swim directly toward the boat. They seem to want to see us as much as we want to see them!

We rush to put on our snorkeling gear and position ourselves at the back of the boat. When it’s obvious the dolphins are ready to play we move down to the swim platform and slip into the water. Then we gather in a large circle so that the dolphins will come to us, rather than having us chase them.

The more adventurous swimmers among us dive down in the middle of the circle to get the dolphins’ attention. The more they twirl and dive the more the dolphins move toward us until they are swimming in and out of our circle. As the dolphins come close they lean in to make eye contact and hold it long enough that each one of us feels special, chosen by our wild friends for individual attention.

Even those who choose to hold onto one of the flotation devices will still feel just as much a part of the action. Time seems to slow and the joy is palpable. This is what “dolphin bliss” feels like. This is what we come to Bimini to experience.

At the end of the afternoon we clamber back up the swim platform and spread out on the deck  excitedly comparing experiences. “Did you see that baby dolphin swim right up to me? Did you see the one that stayed below me for so long? Can you believe what we just did?“

As the boat sails back toward Bimini we give thanks for the wonderful experience we just had and plan what we will do differently tomorrow so we can spend even more time in the dolphin’s presence.

When we’re done in the water we return to shore for some free time before gathering for dinner and more Hemi-Sync activities in the evening.


So Who Will Be Facilitating All of This?

Matthew Joyce

Matthew JoyceChances are you already know about me from reading other things on this site, so I’ll simply include a brief biography here.

I’m a spiritual explorer, author, and teacher based in Boulder, Colorado. I speak and present regularly at national and international conferences and workshops. I’ve used Hemi-Sync since 2000 and it sped up my progress of spiritual development remarkably. I’ve attended numerous residential training programs at The Monroe Institute (TMI), as well as graduating from its Outreach Facilitator certification program, making me one of small group of people authorized to facilitate TMI programs worldwide.

I’ll be joined by my colleague Allyn Evans.

Allyn Evans, MBA

Based in Stillwater, OK, Allyn is an Outreach Facilitator and Trainer for the Monroe Institute and a key player in the launching of its worldwide local chapter network. In addition to teaching consciousness classes she is a speaker, columnist and author. Her work centers on helping girls and women meet the challenges of successful living. As a young woman, Allyn found she got in the way of her own progress—creating obstacles and allowing deeply ingrained fears to stop her at every turn. Compelled to “come to grips” with herself, she dug into her cultural heritage to figure out what went wrong and why. This self-study expanded to include the many women she interviewed for her work in the uplifting Live a Powerful Life. After Allyn attended her first residential TMI program, her life has never been the same. She invites you to join her on a parallel quest to find answers, healing and self-acceptance.

You can learn more about Allyn by visiting her website at

To help us with our onshore and water-oriented activities we’ll teamed up with WildQuest.

The WildQuest Team

wildquest-staffWildQuest is a company born out of a passion for feeling connected with yourself and with the whole. They have been connecting people with wild dolphins through swim programs in the Carribean since 1995. They have a deep love for the dolphins and the delicate harmony of nature that we’ll experience in and around the beautiful islands and waters we’ll be visiting.

Their staff are licensed and medically trained and their boat is inspected annually in the United States. Their captains are both RYA certified offshore yatchmasters and Bahamas Boat Masters.  You can learn more about them by visiting their website at

Want to know what to expect? Here are some pictures to give you an idea. You can scroll, click, hover, and zoom for different views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Land Questions

Why the Bahamas?
What is the island like?
What are the accommodations like?
What about meals?
Can I drink the water?
What is the weather like?
What should I pack?
What kind of electricity do they have?

Water Questions

Do I need to be a good swimmer?
What about sea sickness?
What about sharks?
Are the dolphins safe to be around?
Will we be bothering the dolphins?
Do I need my own snorkeling equipment?

Workshop Questions

What do I need bring for the workshop?
Is Hemi-Sync safe?
Are there any medical considerations?

Travel Questions

What is the travel plan?
What sort of documentation do I need?
What is your cancellation policy?


Why the Bahamas?


When it comes to swimming with dolphins there are two options: swimming with captive animals or swimming with them in the wild. It is a notably different experience to swim with a creature that must perform tricks for its food than it is to swim with a free-spirited dolphin in its own environment who is interacting with you according to its own choice.

Of the several places around the world where it is possible to swim with wild dolphins the Bahamas stand out as a prime location because of the near-perfect conditions for doing so. The waters are generally warm, clear, calm, and shallow. A pod of more than 100 dolphins frequents the reefs off Bimini and they are accustomed to swimming with groups such as ours on a regular basis. In fact, conditions are so ideal that many scenes from the popular Dolphins IMAX movie were filmed in the Bahamas.

What is the island like?

bimini_stripBimini is actually a pair of small islands, North Bimini and South Bimini, separated by a shallow bay. Located just 50 miles east of Florida, Bimini is Ernest Hemmingway’s true Island in the Stream. To the east of the island stretches the Bahamas flats, a broad expanse of shallow and protected waters. To the west an underwater cliff plunges thousands of feet into a blue abyss. This unique location means that Bimini offers more sailing, diving, and fishing than almost any other island in the Bahamas. It also makes it an ideal home for dolphins.

As the Atlantic Gulf Stream flows northward past Bimini it feeds the rich coral reefs and serves as a watery highway for countless fish, dolphins and sea turtles. The seas are often gin clear, placid, and swimming pool temperature.

Aside from our dolphin swims there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy. At the top of the list has got to be quietly strolling and sunbathing on sugar sand beaches, or resting peacefully beneath the shade of palm fronds. But more energetic participants may also want to kayak through the mangroves to the legendary Fountain of Youth sought by Ponce de Leon or snorkel along the mysterious Bimini Road that many believe is a half-mile long stone causeway that was once part of the lost realm of Atlantis.

Despite its many riches and it’s easy proximity to the United States, Bimini remains relatively undeveloped and untouristed. The island has some new upscale development but it is primarily a relaxed and unspoiled home to friendly local Bahamas residents. There are few gift shops or shopping opportunities and the island’s nightlife is more suited to good conversation than it is to dancing until dawn.

What are the accommodations like?

accommodationsWe’ll be staying at the WildQuest Retreat which is located in the fishing village of Porgy Bay, about midway along North Bimini. The facility sits right on the sheltered inner bay with a private dock and glorious sunrise views over the water. The beach is just 200 yards away.

Rooms are bright and comfortably, if modestly, furnished with in-room air conditioning and private refrigerators. Most rooms feature a private bath. Common areas include the main dining room, seaside terraces, and a meditation room where we’ll be gathering for our consciousness work.

The price per person is based on double occupancy of each room, which means sharing a room with a friend or another participant. If you’d prefer to not to share, a limited number of single rooms are available.

What about meals?


The workshop price includes three meals per day. Typically breakfast and dinner are enjoyed in the dining room or eaten alfresco on the terrace. Lunches are eaten aboard the boat. Proteins (eggs, chicken or fish dishes) and fresh vegetarian options are available at each meal. Plus, on one evening we will visit a local restaurant to experience authentic Caribbean culture, music and food such as lobster (in season), conch and  fresh fish.

The WildQuest chef will be happy to cater to most special dietary needs, but advance notice is needed since groceries are typically brought over from the United States. Please let us know when you make your reservation if you have any special dietary requirements.

Can I drink the water?

Yes. The water on Bimini is safe and meets standards similar to the United States.

What is the weather like?

Think tropical island paradise and you’ll get the idea. Temperatures in April range between an average overnight low of 68 degrees F/ 20 C and an average daytime time high of 85 degrees F/ 29 C. While sunshine predominates, passing rain systems are always a possibility .

What should I pack?

packPacking is a matter of personal choice but you won’t need much. We suggest comfortable beach and swim wear, as well as footwear that you can take in the sand and water. Even when we go out for dinner mid-week we will be transported in water taxis so comfortable sandals without high heels are required for safety. A fun evening beach dress or resort outfit to be worn on our evening out is an option some people enjoy. Sun block, sunglasses, sun hat, and a long sleeve swim shirt are also a good idea. Generally shorts and t-shirts are all you’ll need, but you may be glad to have a pair of long pants and a sweatshirt in case the mornings and evenings feel chilly after a day of sun. A light jacket can also be nice to ward off the wind and wayward spray while on the boat.

(Please note that the interisland plane that we’ll be arriving on has a baggage limit of 30 lb/ 14 kg per passenger that includes your carry-on bag. If you exceed that amount, you may have to pay the overweight charges.)

What kind of electricity do they have?

Electricity in the Bahamas is 60 cycles/120 volts, which is compatible with U.S. appliances. British and European devices need a flat two-pin adaptor and 220-volt converter.


Do I need to be a good swimmer?

You don’t even need to be a swimmer at all. Your sense of comfort in the water certainly contributes to your overall experience, but all ability levels—even non-swimmers—are welcome. The WildQuest team provides snorkeling instructions and direct guidance to help ensure you know how to use the equipment, how to swim safely, and how to interact with the dolphins. They also have a variety of flotation devices for participants who feel aquatically challenged. Moreover, WildQuest ensures that trained swimmers are in the water with us at all times, and on the boat to assist as needed. Participants who feel more comfortable remaining out of the water are also welcome to tune into the dolphin energy from the boat.

What about seasickness?

seasickSeasickness is caused by feeling uncomfortable with the motion of the boat. Many people find they feel comfortable right away. Others take a day or two to get used to things. And a few prefer to take precautions no matter what.

WildQuest’s boat is a large catamaran with twin hulls and a broad central platform. This design is very stable and minimizes the rolling motions common on single-hulled boats. Our destinations are those with the calmest waters on whichever side of the island is most protected from the wind.

For those people who want it, WildQuest offers juice and ginger pills, which are natural remedies to settle sensitive tummies.

If you prefer over-the-counter medications, Dramamine and Bonine are popular choices. They are available through the WildQuest staff.  You may also ask your doctor for a prescription for a patch that you can apply behind your ear.

What about sharks?

Sharks live in the ocean, but the WildQuest team has been operating these trips since 1995 and they’ve never had a problem with a shark. Nor are they aware of any reports of problems from others in the area. The water we’ll be swimming in is shallow, exceptionally clear, and has a sandy bottom, all of which make for excellent visibility. Plus dolphins are known to keep sharks away.

Are the dolphins safe to be around?

dolphin-safeWe’ll be swimming with wild dolphins so anything is possible, but WildQuest has never had an incident. In fact, many people report positive healing benefits from being in contact with dolphins. There are many theories regarding what happens to individuals while swimming with dolphins. Most revolve around the dolphins’ use of sonar and echolocation. We have evidence from studies that the echolocation affects brain wave patterns in humans, that there is an increase in left-right hemispheric synchronization and an increase in slow alpha/theta brainwave activity. These are the same type of affects found with the use of Hemi-sync products and the reason you will be able to replicate the feelings you experience in Bimini once you are back at home.

Will we be bothering the dolphins?

WildQuest’s practice is one of “minimal intrusion,” which means we do not feed, chase, harass or do anything that disrupts the dolphins’ natural behaviors. WildQuest will educate us on how to be respectful and aware as we await the dolphins’ invitation to interact with them. The bottom line is that we’ll be entering the dolphins’ environment so when and how they choose to connect with us is up to them.

Do I need to bring my own snorkeling equipment?

snorkelHigh quality snorkel equipment is important as it affects the experience you may have in the water. The best ‘dry’ snorkels, silicone masks and a variety of types and sizes of fins are available for rent in Bimini for $25 for the week. Unless you already have good quality equipment that you are willing to pack (like prescription masks) it is much easier to rent the equipment onsite.


What do I need bring for the workshop?

Aside from an open mind and a sense of adventure, there are only a few things you may need, including: a notepad and pens so you can journal about your experiences; something to cover your eyes during the Hemi-Sync exercises, such as a sleeping mask (available at many travel supply stores) or a dark wash cloth or hand towel.

Is Hemi-Sync safe?

With millions of products sold worldwide, Hemi-Sync is a patented audio technology that has been university studied and clinically tested for more than 40 years. Its safety and effectiveness is supported by numerous empirical studies, reports, articles and testimonials available at We do not recommend using Hemi-Sync in combination with other technologies that influence brain activity.

Are there any medical considerations?

If you are currently taking any prescription medications we advise you to continue to do so on your regular schedule and as advised by your physician. While Hemi-Sync has many positive applications as an adjunct to wellness, healing and rehabilitation, it is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have a tendency towards seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental condition(s), do not listen to Hemi-Sync without first consulting your physician.


What is the travel plan?

pelicanOur trip begins Sunday night in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (When you sign up you will receive details on where and when we will meet.) We’ll gather for a casual cocktail hour with introductions and a discussion of the week’s activities. This is your first opportunity to get to know your fellow participants and to meet Matthew and Allyn. Dinner that evening can be enjoyed on your own or with our group. We should be back in our rooms by 9:30 for those who want to get a good night’s sleep. If you are arriving late that day you can join the group at whatever point you can.

Monday morning we will meet in the lobby at 7:00 a.m. to catch our airport shuttle. We will be leaving from the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport on a Bimini Island Air jet. The luggage weight limit is 30 lbs. so be sure to pack light. When we arrive on Bimini the WildQuest staff will escort us to the lodge.

What  sort of documentation do I need?

The Bahamas are an independent country and you’ll need a valid passport to enter. U.S. and Canadian citizens do not need visas. Visitors from other nationalities can check with the Bahamian Consulate, a travel agent or to see if you require a visa.

Please also check if you need a visa to enter the US, since our trip will be originating and ending in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Please check Travel arrangements for more details about arranging your travel.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our typical money back guarantee policies don’t apply to this particular trip because your payments are made directly to our tour operator WildQuest. To reserve your spot you must pay a deposit of 25 percent of the total trip cost. This is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due 60 days before the trip (February 15). Please review the WildQuest Terms and Conditions.

We recommend: CSA Travel Protection CSATravelPro or 1-800-348-9505 and use the Producer Code 83363902. CSA offers trip cancellation and interruption insurance as well as medical coverage in case of any personal emergencies or unexpected situations. This insurance also protects you against the extremely unlikely event that WildQuest needs to cancel the trip due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. WildQuest requires that you purchase trip insurance.

palm-treeThree Reasons to Sign Up Right Now

1. Space is limited. The retreat center and boat can only accommodate 18 guests and several seats are already taken.
2. You gain tools as well as confidence. You learn a concept. You practice the concept. You talk about what you’ve learned. This helps to ensure you know how to apply things when you go home.
3. It’s fun!. Come on. It’s swimming with wild dolphins. Don’t you want more fun in your life? We do and we want you to join us.


What’s Included and What’s Not

We hate it when businesses sneak in extra hidden costs. That’s why the table below lists the items included in the price for this workshop. Although we’ve done our best to provide for your needs within the trip package you should note that the following expenses are NOT included:

  • Your travel costs to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
  • The island plane from Florida to Bimini ($295 round-trip including all US airport taxes.)
  • Sunday night dinner out in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Single room and ocean view room upgrade.
  • All individual body-work sessions.
  • Rental of snorkel equipment.
  • Bahamas departure tax of $25.
  • Gratuities.
  • Transport from the Executive Airport to your onward destination upon your return to Florida.
  • Your travel insurance.

In Summary

You’ll sunbathe. You’ll swim. You’ll dolphinize and bliss out. And you’ll learn to directly access different states of consciousness in your daily life.


How to Register Right Away

At the bottom of the table below you’ll see the pay now button. When you click the button, you’ll start a two step process. First you’ll give us your information so we know you’re coming and we can ensure you are well taken care of. Second, you’ll be taken to the WildQuest booking system where you’ll register with them and pay by credit card, debit card, or other methods.

You have two choices for payment. You can pay all at once (and save $50) or you can pay a 25% deposit now and then pay the balance by no later than February 15.

After your payment, you’ll receive an email receipt from Wildquest and a follow up email from us.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Allyn at 1-405-612-7782 or info [at] allynevans [dot] com. Or you can reach Matthew by email at matthew [at] higherselfguides [dot] com or by phone at 1-303-579-3344.

Dolphin Excursion April 15-21, 2012
Bimini, Bahamas
Included in the Price
10 exercises to experience how to shift and expand your awareness
15 techniques to apply in every day life
Question and answer sessions to clarify your understanding
Practice sessions to ensure a grasp of the material
Take home participant manual
1 night hotel accommodation in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
5 nights accommodation on the island. Double occupancy. (Limited singles available)
All meals on the island
5 days out on the WildQuest catamaran for dolphin swims and other activities, weather permitting
Shuttle from hotel to Ft. Lauderdale airport for island plane on Monday
Airport transfers on the island upon arrival on Monday and upon departure on Saturday
All group activities
Complimentary use 2 single and 2 double kayaks
5 bonus guided meditations checkmark1
Total Tuition Was
Now You Can Save $500
You can reserve a spot with just a 25% deposit payment.

Note: See today’s currency equivalents.

Got a Question or Concern?

If you’ve got any questions or concerns please let me know. Just send an email to matthew [at] higherselfguides [dot] com or phone 1-303-539-9310 and if there’s anything I can do I will.

There’s no reason to let the unknown keep you from creating the life you desire.

Many blessings,


Matthew Joyce

P.S. This amazing trip is filling up so fast. So if you want to swim with wild dolphins and learn to enjoy dolphin bliss at home, be sure to reserve your space today.

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