How to find inner peace without meditation or regular spiritual practices

(Learn the step-by-step system for accessing a state of profound peaceful awareness in any moment regardless of the circumstances.)

Have you ever noticed that inner peace seems hardest to find just when you need it the most?

When you’re relaxing and enjoying a quiet moment with someone special it feels readily available. But it’d sure be nice to have when you’re stuck in traffic and you’re late or when job reductions are announced at work. When someone says or does something stupid a dose of inner peace could go a long way. And it’d be twice as nice to have after you make a mistake or do something you regret.

But for some reason whenever things start to go wrong, the very thing that would make us feel better slips away. And then we go chasing it after it like a leaf in the wind. Yet no matter how we stretch and grasp we can never hold it for long before it slips away again.

So why is it so hard to sustain a steady sense of contentment and ease in life?

There are two main reasons. First, we tell ourselves that we’re too busy to devote the time to acquire it. We think it’s something only special people attain after years of effort. Who has time for that? Life is already full. And busy. Who has time to sit and meditate or go to classes, let alone check into a monastery or ashram for a spiritual retreat?

What we really need is a way to enjoy inner peace without any effort at all.

The second reason is that we look for it in the wrong places. We look to other people to make us happy or to blame for our circumstances. We look for new toys to make our lives easier or more entertaining. We tell ourselves things will improve when we learn a new skill. We promise ourselves everything will be great once that certain something happens.

But that elusive something never happens. Or it does happen, and it doesn’t make any long-term difference. Pretty much no matter how you slice it, we end up looking for the next thing person, event, or thing to solve our problem.

And that is the problem. When we look outside of ourselves we’re always at the mercy of outside circumstances.

Fortunately, the good news is that to find inner peace you don’t need to go looking at all. You don’t need to close your eyes and burn incense or sit cross-legged on a mountain top for weeks on end.  You don’t need to go anywhere or do anything.

You already have everything you’re looking for within you right now.  And since it’s already there it takes no time at all to access it. All you need to do is pay attention to what is available to you in every moment.

So how can you learn to access inner peace and all else that’s available to you in every moment?


Higher Self Guides Workshop
A comprehensive system for developing your awareness that peels away the layers that keep you from experiencing the peaceful center of your being.

“In 8 weeks I learned I have the tools within me to live my life with joy and contentment despite any experiences or hardships in my relationships or in my life circumstances.”

Higher Self Guides Photo

“I used to worry and ruminate about experiences and it caused a lot of drama in my life, but in the eight weeks of taking the workshop I learned that I have the tools within me to live my life with joy and contentment despite any experiences or hardships that I have in my relationships or in my life circumstances. I learned to focus on the present moment and access the Still Point, and then to think and act from that place of stillness and clarity. By first changing things within myself, I’ve made amazing changes in my life. Now I’m bubbling inside. It’s a really joyful feeling and it’s just coming out of me all the time. My friends have commented on how happy I am now and they want to know the secret. I tell them you’ve got to take Matthew’s workshop.”

—Irene Blanck, Keilor Downs, Australia


Here’s How the Course Works

Living in the now and accessing the center of your being can only be achieved through direct personal experience. So this isn’t a put-your-feet-up-and-listen type of workshop. The purpose isn’t to entertain you or to stimulate your thinking with interesting ideas, although we’ll do those things along the way.

The purpose of the course is to change the way you perceive things in the present moment by deepening your awareness and changing the way you perceive your true self. To do this, the format of the course is designed to help you do three things:

1. Develop habits of maximum awareness that give you the perspective and flexibility to deliberately make the most of any situation

2. Deconstruct any experience into its constituent components so you can determine what’s working for you and what isn’t

3. Create a foundation of being that fosters peace of mind and speeds your personal growth


In this course each exercise and assignment relates to a specific aspect of awareness to provide you building blocks that systematically adds to your collection of techniques for sensing and being in the present moment.

We’ll be deconstructing the fundamental components of experience so you can identify them and work with them individually and collectively. You’ll enjoy opportunities to engage directly in your individual senses, thoughts, and emotions. And once you’re comfortable with that, you’ll shift your awareness to the stable center of your being.

We’ll also discuss big concepts and talk about how you can apply them in your life. And you’ll exchange ideas with your classmates to broaden your perspective and help you gain insights into how they’re applying the techniques in real life everyday situations.

Plus, you’ll enjoy feedback on your efforts and you’ll be accountable for assignments to help ensure you work your way through the process without letting excuses derail your progress.

And I’ll be there to guide and teach you every step of the way, showing you exactly what you need to do, so that you progress smoothly and rapidly.

What the Course Covers

The course is composed of three primary sections: Deconstruction, centering, and reconstruction.

In the deconstruction phase, the class enters slow motion mode as you learn to systematically take apart any given experience by breaking it into its primary parts:

  • Breath
  • Senses
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions

These four parts comprise the primary access points to present awareness.

As you learn to follow these to their center, you’ll move beyond emotions, beyond thoughts, and even beyond your senses to the place of true stillness-the center of your being: Your I Am awareness.

Getting to the center is a huge accomplishment and it can literally change your outlook on life. That’s why it’s one of the primary goals of the course. But getting to the center is a bit like climbing a mountain.

Reaching the summit is only the halfway point. You still need to get back down. That’s why we also focus on how to apply that centered, peaceful perspective and heighten level of awareness as you go about constructing your everyday life experiences.

In the construction phase, you’ll explore how to apply that perspective in your daily life through:

  • Desire
  • Action

These are the means you use to turn your attention from what you’re currently experiencing to whatever you decide to experience next.

Here’s how it looks when you’ve put it all together

The Web of Awareness

The Web of AwarenessUnwrapping the Present teaches you how you weave the web of your awareness and helps you to access the “sweet spot” at the center of your being where you can rest peacefully in the moment, alert in all directions, without getting tangled in the thoughts, feelings, and actions of your experience.

Why is this unique?

At Higher Self Guides your success is our destination.TM That’s why we teach using the three step method. First you learn the fundamental concepts and ask any questions you might have upfront so you feel confident you understand the lesson. Next you put those ideas into practice for yourself. That’s the only way to get first-hand experience. Then you share your experiences with others and fine tune your efforts until you develop a set of personal techniques that works for you.

Here’s how the system works

successWith Higher Self Guides you’ll follow a stair-step experiential training sequence that introduces you to one new idea at a time, and guides you through the implementation process with teaching systems designed for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning that help you master each step and use it as a foundation for the next one. This sequential method helps to ensure that you move swiftly toward your goal.

And what makes me qualified to teach you?

For one, I know how it feels to walk in your shoes. The beginning of my 20-year path of spiritual growth wandered here and there. I’d try something. Then I’d stop. Then I’d start again with another and another. I enjoyed some great experiences along the way, but since I didn’t necessarily recognize how I’d achieved them I couldn’t replicate them at will.

Trial and error was the best I could do for many years because I wasn’t following any sort of logical sequence. Along the way I gradually began to analyze my experiences and craft a method for replicating them. That’s when my progress really took off.

Your progress will really take off too once you learn how to systematically apply what you’ve gained from one experience to the next. Once you understand the building blocks of any given experience you can mix and match them to maximize your awareness of the present moment and create the life experiences you desire.

I use the techniques I teach on a regular basis. I use them while meditating. I use them while driving my car. I use them at work. They’re essential for living a full and busy life, and they’re absolutely invaluable when I’m spending time with my family.

Life used to be like watching regular TV, but after taking your workshop I feel like I’m experiencing life in high definition.

Higher Self Guides Testimonial

“Life used to be like watching regular TV, but after taking your workshop I feel like I’m experiencing life in high definition. I’m experiencing everything – my senses, my thoughts and feelings – in more vivid detail, especially when I choose to do so in that moment. And that helps with all the other spiritual things I want to do. I can’t thank you enough. I am in a fascinating mode of learning (soaking is more like it) and I’m being stretched in every direction by your stuff. You are MAGIC! I’ve set my intention to reach those levels of awareness and be conscious of it! I’m more than happy to be taught/guided by you!”

Michael Velasquez, Orlando, Florida


A Brief Look at the Course Outline

Week 0: The Awakening Process Note: This pre-workshop session is free for anyone who wants attend, even those who don’t sign up for and take the workshop!

  • What the masters mean by awakening awareness
  • How to wake up when you’re already awake
  • The three ways to end any suffering
  • Accessing the light of your awareness and how to use it
  • Why kids know more than adults
  • The true characteristics of experience

Week 1: One Breath at a Time

  • Introductions and getting acquainted
  • Course overview
  • The secret to accessing present awareness at any moment
  • Finding still points and why they’re so important
  • What to do when your mind wanders and you want to stay focused

Week 2: Coming to Your Senses

  • How to get up to 500% more out of any given moment
  • How to activate your internal senses
  • The zoom lens of your awareness and how to shift from telephoto to wide angle to holographic perspectives
  • Where to find still points in a multi-sensory world
  • How to deal with intrusive thoughts

Week 3: What Was I Thinking

  • The 7 types of thoughts and what they can tell you
  • A simple technique for handling critical thoughts
  • How to find still points in even the most overactive mind
  • How to identify and process unfinished business
  • What aren’t you thinking about? And why that’s important

Week 4: Oh What a Feeling

  • How to escape the feedback loop of negative thoughts and emotions—and keep it from happening again
  • How to tell positive emotions from negative ones when they first arise rather than suffering full blown symptoms after they’ve worsened
  • Why still points are essential to breaking emotional chain reactions
  • How to distinguish between present and past emotions
  • Defusing tense situations. How to unwrap an emotional package so you to access the core sensation

Week 5: I Experience Therefore I Am

  • Why a simple shift in perspective reveals what spiritual masters have long taught
  • How to combine still points to access your true nature and the blissful center of your being
  • How to feel at peace even in unpleasant situations, so you can’t be rocked by any circumstance, thought, or emotion
  • Why your life is like a movie and how that changes everything
  • How to craft self-identity without comparisons

Week 6: Acting from the Still Point

  • The simple yet profound difference between action and reaction
  • How to stop the wheel of reaction so you can control your own experiences
  • The 10 steps required for conscious action
  • How to identify and evaluate your intentions before you initiate action
  • Why sorting fact from opinion leads to different courses of action
  • The 3 choices in every situation and how to pick the right one
  • How to compare desires and why it’s important to do so

Week 7: Living in Awareness

  • How to look deeper into your experiences
  • How to sustain heightened awareness in daily life
  • How to use your lens of awareness to change your experience at any time
  • How to look deeper into your experiences
  • What to do when you feel like your progress is too slow
  • How to convert your daily routine into mindful activity
  • How to encourage new habits of awareness to boost your productivity, enhance your relationships, and increase your enjoyment

Week 8: Go Forth and Be – Living

  • Review daily mindfulness plans
  • Course summary
  • Final Q&A
  • Bonuses for premium-level students

Here’s What’s Involved

phone Weekly phone calls The primary component of the workshop is teleconference based. This gives us a chance to interact live so you can learn new information and ask your questions in real time. Plus it gives you an opportunity to get to know your classmates, who’ll be resources for you along your journey. Each week we convene for a group call to review a different facet of awareness. These phone calls introduce you to the next big idea and then provide you with step-by-step instructions for the various assignments you’ll be doing that week. We also discuss common obstacles you might encounter and how to avoid them. Before the call is over we’ll also be sure to review your experiences from the previous week’s exercises, provide feedback, answer your questions, and ensure you’re clear on what you need to do to move ahead.
audio Audio recordings One of the advantages of working by phone is that each session can be recorded. This means you can pay attention without furiously scribbling notes. You’ll get an MP3 recording of each session after the call. So you’ll never have to worry if you need to leave early or if you miss a call altogether. Plus, even if you attend each call, you can play them back at your convenience to catch anything you missed or to refresh your memory at a later time.
Workbook chapters You’ll receive workbook chapters in a PDF file that explains each week’s lesson and describes the supporting exercises with an easy-to-reference list of steps to follow. Print out the PDFs each week and you’ll have the home-study notebook of reference materials when you’re finished with the course

Learning by doing Gathering information is the first part of learning. The second part is making it your own through direct personal experience. To help you master the materials, you’ll do…

Daily and weekly homework Each week you’ll engage in 4 to 7 different assignments designed to heighten your awareness of a particular facet of your experience. Each module incrementally builds up your perceptual abilities until you can not only take in more in any given moment, but also recognize what it is you’re observing in a nonjudgmental and accepting fashion.
Journals All class participants keep notes of their experiences as they proceed through the training sequence. Journaling not only helps you to note your observations as you go along, it also provides you with the most valuable take-away from the class-a record of your own direct experiences. Your journal becomes your personal reference manual for creating-and avoiding-experiences in the future. On each phone call you’ll select the experiences you want to share with the group, which will provide you with feedback, help you to overcome obstacles, encourage you to reframe limiting perceptions, and cheer you on as you continue to do what you’re doing well. The group discussion also enables everyone else to benefit from your insights, experiences and personal techniques. Never been one for journaling? Not to worry. One of the course bonuses (see below) will help make it a snap by ensuring you know just what it is you need to record so you can recreate your experiences at a later time.

Midweek support As you work through the exercises you might encounter challenges, think of new questions, or want to share a memorable experience. When that happens you can turn to…

The buddy system Students buddy with others in the class. This increases your accountability and gives you the benefit of their perspectives, which as participants can be quite different than an instructor’s. You’ll help each other by providing encouragement, making constructive suggestions, and stretching each other’s concepts of moment-by-moment awareness.
Private email list If questions arise or your want to share your experiences during the week you can post a message to our private email list. This private venue creates the opportunity for group input and it gives everyone a chance to learn each other’s ideas. It can be especially useful if someone asks a question that everyone else will benefit from. Following the Q&A on the mailing list can really help to speed you on your way.
Access to me on the group mailing list, by private email, and by phone I won’t only be a voice on the phone. I’ll be monitoring the mailing list throughout the week, answering your questions and providing advice as you need it. If the matter is more personal you can email me privately. And if you need a little one-on-one attention you can even phone me for a brief check in, free of charge.

“In the beginning I thought I don’t know about this teleconference stuff. I’m not a telephone person so I was concerned how it would work.”

Higher Self Guides Testimonial

“In the beginning I thought I don’t know about this teleconference stuff. I’m not a telephone person so I was concerned how it would work as a format. I was thinking: How do we pick up on visual cues? Who’s going to talk next? What do you do when someone talks too much? People considering your course might be worried because of those questions, but by the second session I was surprised because it actually worked out quite well. I think part of it is your great facilitating and part is that people who are attracted to this type of workshop are more mature. The format that you set up is very good. All of the written material, the exercises, the email, being there to answer questions. Everything mutually reinforced everything else. Plus the breathing exercises are such a simple way to bring yourself into calmness. It fits in well with the Hemi-Sync approach.”

Rob Caulkins, Denver, CO


Quick Course Details

Who: You, if you’re looking for a way to make the most of any given moment, access the center of your being, and speed your spiritual progress.

What: Eight weeks of sequential training designed to help you put what you learn into practice in your daily life.

Where: Home, office, the beach. Wherever you want to be when you call in.

When: The course extends over 8 weeks. The dates are:

April 2009 21st, 28th
May 2009 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
June 2009 2nd, 9th

What Time: All calls are scheduled on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, USA.

To check the time in your own time zone visit We encourage international callers to use low-cost calling cards or internet phone services.

Duration of Calls: Calls last 60-90 minutes depending on the number of questions and the amount of feedback each week.

How: I’ll email you a telephone number and an access code for the calls. There’s no extra charge from us for the teleconferences, but your personal long distance charges will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the course held online rather than in person over a weekend?

Aside from the personal cost savings that you’ll enjoy by not needing to pay for your travel expenses, there are two primary advantages of an online course. The first is that you can immediately implement the lessons in your normal daily life. The second is that you receive the training materials on the drip system, which provides precisely the amount of information you need to accomplish your next task. Once you’ve successfully assimilated that portion, the next package arrives just in time. The drip method helps you to form new habits of awareness that can’t be accomplished if all the information is given to you at once, as in the single workshop model.

What do the course materials look like?

What exactly does the Unwrapping the Present course contain that’s not found in other spiritual-related information?

The course features a 206 page workbook chock full of explanations, examples, and specific exercises designed to help you awaken your awareness to the present moment. While some workshops provide you with a random collection of ideas, this course leads you step by step toward clear objectives each week and toward the overall goals for the class.
Learn in great detail how to do specific exercises–and how to do them well. Most workshops tell you to do certain things without explaining why. In this course, you’ll understand why you’re doing each exercise, which means you’ll know when to use the same skills in your daily life. Every concept is explained with instructions that are easy to follow and implement. Plus you get helpful graphics outlining the steps involved.
Learning something new is not without its challenges. That’s why each week we address how to overcome the most common obstacles, so your path to success will be faster and easier. What’s a workbook without an action plan to keep you on task? Each week you’ll have an action plan to remind you of what to do next, your timeframe for activities, and what to do if you need help.
Sometimes you may be too busy to read in detail. Other times you’ll want to be reminded of the most important points. The quick summaries at the end of each chapter provide the most important information you need to know, including learning objectives, key points, and general directions. What happens after the course ends? Most workshops leave you floundering. With this course, when you’re done learning you’ll have a systematic checklist you can refer back to it to remind yourself to stay in awareness and ensure you keep up with your practices.

Plus there are no secrets. You can ask any question you like on the topic and you’ll get a straight-forward and honest answer.

What happens if I can’t attend a session?

Everyone gets busy from time to time. Things come up. That’s why each session is recorded to provide you with a safety net to ensure you don’t miss any important information. But the recordings don’t mean you should skip the live sessions. The workshop focuses on your direct experience. You’ll make the most progress if you make a commitment to yourself that you’ll attend each week. You’re permitted to miss up to 2 phone sessions (that’s 25% of the course). Think about it. The more sessions you attend the greater your success will be and the more support you’ll receive from and provide to your classmates.

What does it cost?

The standard course costs $199. The premium version with lots of additional bonus costs $229. To make a payment click the buy now button below and it will take to you a chart showing you more about the two options.


Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! I recommend never buying anything that isn’t guaranteed. That’s why this workshop is covered by my Self-Powered guarantee. I’m so confident in the materials that I’m willing to take all the risk. That’s why this course is 100% guaranteed. You can attend all the sessions, and if you’re not satisfied when the course is over, you can have your money back. What’s more, you can keep all the handouts, class recordings, and bonuses. Everything you receive is yours to keep even if you ask for your money back. There’s just one condition.

What’s the catch?

It’s simple. You have to participate. I’ll show you the way, but I won’t carry you. You need to walk the path with your own two feet. That means you agree to complete at least 6 out of 7 assignments (85%) and attend at least 6 out of 8 phone sessions (75%).  When you make that kind of effort, regardless of the results, you demonstrate your determination to achieve your goals under your own self-power.

That’s all.

Let’s agree. You expect to see some changes in your life. You’ll only enjoy the results you want if you apply the lessons. Participating on the phone and via the email list and doing your weekly assignments demonstrates that you’re making a consistent effort. So the only condition is that you participate to a reasonable extent. After that, if you’re not satisfied with the content of the course, or with the power of the techniques to help you bring about the changes you want, I’ll refund your money or provide you with the additional support you need to achieve your goal.

If you can think of a more reasonable guarantee, let me know. I always love to hear from you with your suggestions and feedback. Anytime!

What if I can’t attend and need to opt out?

If you attend the course and it doesn’t work for you, you’re covered by my Self-Powered guarantee and all of your money will be refunded. That’s my commitment to you. I’d like to help you to make a similar commitment to your personal growth. So when you reserve a spot in the class the first $50 is considered your registration fee and is non refundable, if you cancel 7 days or less before the course begins.If you complete the course and you’re not satisfied you can have 100% of your money back.

The course lasts for two months, so I understand that scheduling conflicts may occur. If you miss more than two sessions, remember you still have access to all the audios and notes. If you must withdraw, you can even transfer your seat deposit to another person. If you still wish to opt-out of the course, I’ll refund 100% of your money up to 7 days before the course begins, and all but the $50 registration fee if you need cancel with less than one week notice.

How do I register right away?

You can register right now at the bottom of this page by clicking on one of the pay now buttons.

If you would prefer to pay by check, please call 303-539-9310 or send an email to matthew @ with the subject line: Sign me up for Unwrapping the Present.

In your message tell me whether you want the standard or premium version, and include your name, email address, street address, telephone number, and some convenient times to phone you back. I’ll answer any questions you might have and make payment arrangements by phone. And no, your number won’t be used for any other purpose. (I hope you know that already, but there’s no harm in letting you know).

“I used to feel like other people and circumstances were in charge of my life. Something would happen and it would cause me to get really stressed out and I’d react. Reacting and stress were the guiding principles of my life.

“After the course none of my life circumstances changed, but I realized that what creates stress for me has less to do with the actual circumstances of my life and more to do with my perception of things. Now I recognize when I’m making choices about what to put in the foreground and what to put in the background of my awareness. The choices are up to me. So when I’m stuck in traffic or a long grocery line and I’m giving it my emotional energy and it’s making me unhappy, I now say I’m going to put it in the background now. It’s been profoundly positive for me to be able to do that. It leads into the whole idea of are other people and circumstances in charge of your life or are you? Now I finally feel like I’m in charge of my own experience. And that changes everything.”

A workshop participant whose name was withheld on request


Important: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay

#1: Space is limited Small class size is essential for personalized attention. That’s why I’m limiting enrollment to 12 people.

#2: It’s more economical than private sessions. You get the benefit of working directly with me. You get the chance to ask all the questions you want to ask on the topic. And the entire 8-week course costs far less than what most coaches will charge you for just a few sessions. And many of them don’t even have the knowledge base or practical experience.

Another reason is that this course doesn’t have any hidden costs. Some coaches will tell you an amount and then charge you for extras like books and recordings. On a Higher Self Guides course, what you see is what you get…and a whole lot more as well.

#3: It’s guaranteed. You can think of this course as a guaranteed safe investment in yourself. In fact, the guarantee couldn’t be better. You attend all the sessions and do all the homework and if you don’t get the results you’re looking for, you can have your money back.

What’s more, you can keep all the PDF workbooks, all the audio recording, all the bonuses and goodies, etc. Everything will be yours to keep even if you ask for your money back.

In Summary

In summary, Unwrapping the Present: The Secret to Making the Most of Every Moment is designed to help you perceive clearly and function optimally in the present moment-no matter what reality or circumstances you may find yourself in.

Special Bonuses

In addition to all the goodies already mentioned, you’ll also receive these really useful bonuses.

#1 Bonus: Experience Journal Template (Value $39) Anyone can keep a journal of their experiences, but there’s a difference between recording random observations and making specific notes so that you can recreate the experience later on. If you want to deconstruct and reconstruct an experience you need to know what to look for. This template helps you to know which aspects of the experience are the most important to record and shows you how to capture them so you can recreate them later.
#2 Bonus: Monthly Follow Up Support Calls for 3 Months (Value $75) After the course is over it’s up to you to apply the skills you’ve learned in your daily life. These follow up calls give you a chance to check in with me and your classmates to discuss how you’re implementing what you’ve learned, challenges you’re facing, and success you’ve enjoyed. This bonus alone extends your learning by 3 months!

If You Choose the Premium Version

If you choose the premium version, you’ll also get these additional bonuses to further your progress and speed you on your way.

#2 Premium Bonus: Hidden Resources (Value $29) Where do you go for more information? There are lots of sources on the web to help you on your journey, but which ones are worthwhile? Doing a Google search is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Save yourself the trouble by accessing some of the most relevant links I use when I want information about mindfulness and spirituality.
# 3 Premium Bonus: Post-Course Exercises (Value $29) The effectiveness of a workshop is often determined AFTER the workshop is over. That’s because your success depends on how well you implement the skills you’ve learned. To help ensure you make the most of your time and money, you’ll receive a collection of 6 follow up exercises to help you integrate your new skills into your daily life. You’ll refer to this bonus long after you finish the workshop.
#4 Premium Bonus: Private Session with Matthew (Value $100) Want to figure out what to do next when the course is over? Want to discuss a personal issue unrelated to the class? Matthew charges $100 per session. As part of the workshop, you will be entitled to a free private session. (Note: Sessions must be used during 2009.)

Very Important. Read This.

To be eligible to take this course: 1) You need to read Bookmarking Relaxation (Don’t worry. It’s short and it’s free! I can send it to you.)

2) You need to fill in a form. The form is meant to give me an idea of your interest and desire to succeed.

Once you pay your workshop fee, you’ll receive a short email form that you need to fill out and send back to me. If the form isn’t complete or if you show lack of interest, I’ll refund your money in full and your seat will go to the next person in line.

I do this to ensure you get maximum value out of this course. To be honest, I only want to work with clients who desire to learn, implement and achieve their goals.

To register, just click one of the payment buttons below and follow the instructions. After I receive your payment, I’ll send you the form. And you’ll get specific directions from then on. Don’t worry. From here on you’ll be operating in what I call a safe spot. You’ll learn a lot and you’ll be happy you signed up. I promise.

Unwrapping the Present
8 Consulting Sessions at 60-90 minutes each
Notes for Entire Course
Audio Recordings
Exercises and Assignments
Buddy System
Private Email List for Q&A
Direct Teacher Guidance


Deconstructing an Experience Journal Template (Worth $39)
Hidden Resource Links (Worth $29) spacer
Post Course Exercise Booklet (Worth $29) spacer
Private Session with Matthew (Worth $100) spacer

Special Price



Note: All payments are in US dollars.

Why So Much for So Little?

I’ve spent decades developing the skills you’ll acquire in this class, and along the way I’ve been blessed to learn from some truly excellent teachers. Now I want to pay that forward to you. The levels of awareness you’ll explore in this class are fundamental to all of the spiritual work that you do. If you aren’t aware of what’s happening in the present moment then your progress will be slower. I don’t want to see that happen when you’ve got so much to share with the world. When you can access the center of your being and consciously direct your awareness exactly where it needs to be, not only will your progress skyrocket, but you’ll also be better prepared to guide others as well.

Got a Question or Concern?

If you’ve got any questions or concerns please let me know. Just send an email to matthew @ and if there’s anything I can do I will. There’s no reason to let the unknown keep you from your journey of self discovery.

Many blessings,


Matthew Joyce

P.S. I don’t want to pressure you into a decision, so please consider this a word of advice from a friend. More than anything else, simply learning to pay attention to the present moment has profoundly changed my life. The experience of peace and freedom available in every moment is one of indescribable joy.

If you feel ready to change your outlook on the present moment, then I’ll support you in your sacred endeavor. If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey, let me know and I’ll walk that path with you.

And remember, you’re protected by my Self-Powered guarantee. If you make your best effort and it still doesn’t work you, I’ll gladly return your money with a smile and a blessing. So take that next step with confidence and turn your desires for the future into your present reality.

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