Higher Self Guides Workshops

Because we know you learn in different way we offer two types of workshops: our own Transformation Workshop Series and Sponsored Workshops that we run in conjunction with other organizations, such as The Monroe Institute. You’ll find more information about both below. We hope you’ll join us.

The Transformation Series

Some people learn visually. Others learn by listening, or doing. Most of us learn by some combination of the three. That’s why we’ve developed the Transformation Series of training classes. This five part modular sequence uses all three learning modes to present easy-to-understand concepts and simple-to-implement steps. Each of which builds upon the one before, so you can continually advance along your path of self-discovery.

Here’s a quick guide to the modular sequence we’ve developed to help you maximize your skills in the shortest time possible.

Higher Self Guides attention-workbook-cover

Attention: Awakened Awareness

There’s a reason why inner peace seems to disappear just when you need it the most. Learn the step-by-step system for accessing a state of profound peaceful awareness in any moment regardless of the circumstances–and even without meditation or regular spiritual practices. This foundational I Am awareness is the primary source of peace and well-being in life, and it serves as the springboard for all that follows. Learn More>>

meditationMeditation: Focused Awareness

Meditation isn’t something you need to do with eyes closed. While this workshop covers the basics of sit-down meditation, the primary focus is on the fundamental skills of relaxation, concentration, and visualization—all which can be applied with open eyes in daily life situations, making them essential tools in the creation of your life experience so you can feel more relaxed, productive, and enjoy each moment to its fullest potential. Coming Soon.


Creation: Directed Awareness

Have you ever tried to manifest something you wanted and it didn’t happen? Manifestation efforts fail because people don’t understand the core principles behind the process. This workshop provides you with a clear understanding of the creative process and direct experience with each of the specific steps necessary for becoming a consistent and deliberate creator of your own life experiences. Learn More>>

explorationExploration: Shifted Awareness

You don’t need a passport or plane ticket to visit the places we go in this workshop. When you join us you’ll learn to shift your awareness beyond your five senses to access guidance, retrieve information, and interact in realms beyond physical reality. The Exploration model teaches you to use your I Am awareness to become aware of things beyond your physical senses through a skill called bilocation—becoming aware of more than one state of being at the same time. You’ll learn how to send your I Am awareness beyond your physical body, enabling you to access the still, small voice of inner guidance, make psychic observations, dip into past lives, and explore the afterlife and nonphysical reality. Coming Soon.

Realization: Expanded Awareness

This workshop helps you advance from shifted awareness to expanded awareness. You’ll learn about the two ways to achieve realization: reduction and expansion. The reduction process enables you to merge your I Am awareness and your experience into One. The expansion process enables you to expand your awareness to encompass All-That-Is which is Unity. I can lead you to both points, but only you can make the final leap into the realization of your Higher Self. Coming Soon.

Sponsored Workshops

tmi-excursionMonroe Institute Excursion

An intensive weekend workshop designed to provide you direct experience with different states of consciousness and the tools for quickly accessing them in your daily life. We often hold workshops in the Boulder/Denver area, but we can also hold one near you. Learn More>>

swim-with-dolphins-small1Dolphin Excursion

When you join us for our special Dolphin Excursion program you’ll swim with wild dolphins every day for a week on the tropical island of Bimini, in the Bahamas, while you learn how to access higher states of consciousness on your own at home. Learn More>>.

Want to take a course that’s not currently offered?

If a course or workshop is not offered at a time that you are interested in taking it, please inquire about a home study version of the workshop or private sessions specifically designed to help you achieve your goals.

To learn more email me at matthew [at] higherselfguides [dot] com our use or contact form.