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We believe strongly in the value of hospitality. If you were guests in our home, we’d offer you a cup of tea and fresh-baked blueberry muffins. Since this is a website, we obviously can’t do that. But if you’ll take a moment to fill in the form (above or below), we can offer you a gift that teaches you one of the most fundamental skills for spiritual growth—the power of bookmarking.

Our guidebook The Power of Bookmarking: How to Instantly Recall and Return to Any State of Being teaches you how to memorize and recall any experience, whether that’s a feeling of relaxation, a state of sublime meditation, or access to the Akashic Records. Once you learn how, recalling an experience will be as easy as returning to a web page is with a bookmark or favorite.

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To receive The Power of Bookmarking and our twice monthly newsletter please tell us the following