Three Keys to a Psychic Experience

Three Keys to Having a Psychic/Spiritual Experience

By Matthew Joyce

On the surface psychic abilities such as soul retrievals, channeling, astral travel, remote viewing, and manifestation appear to be different skills. But they are actually facets of the same basic premise extending your awareness beyond your physical body and consciously attracting to yourself the experience you desire. The ability to do this, or to exercise any other psychic skill, depends upon a few essential fundamentals. The three most basic are:

  1. Belief that it is possible
  2. Deliberate intention
  3. Receptivity to accept the experience into your life

Open to the Possibility

There’s an adage that says, Minds are like parachutes. They work best when they’re open. This is particularly apt when you’re pursuing psychic or spiritual experiences.

While it’s certainly conceivable to have an experience that changes your idea of what is possible (such as seeing a ghost when you don’t believe in them), you are far more likely to experience these things for yourself if you accept that they’re not only possible in general, but probable for you specifically. To believe otherwise closes your mind to the opportunity for such experiences.

Set Your Intention and Go

Intentionality is the key to accomplishing virtually everything in your life. You can hardly get out of bed without intending to set your feet on the floor. This same principle applies whether you’re setting your intention on simply paying attention to the guidance that is whispered in your ear by Spirit, specifically learning to meditate, or flinging yourself into the ether to contact someone in nonphysical reality.

Decide what it is you want to experience, point yourself toward it, and go for it. It may take practice, training, or trial and error, but there is no substitute for pursuing that which you desire. Like getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning, the hardest part is starting the process. Intentions and actions necessarily come before results.

Allow It to Be

Of the three basics steps, the most challenging for many people is step three: allowing yourself to experience that which you desire. Often times we block the universe from delivering our hearts’ desires due to doubt, fear, or an attachment to an outcome other than that which we’ve consciously stated as our desired intention.

One way around all three barriers is to express deliberate gratitude for the experiences you are having, and then to concentrate on their most positive aspects in order to encourage more of the same. Consciously devoting your attention to what you do want (as opposed to what you don’t want) opens the door for it to appear in your life.

Move Forward

A few paragraphs on each of these essential elements only gives you a taste of how things work, so I’ll talk more about them in future articles. For today, I encourage you to do a brief self-assessment. Ask yourself the questions below. Figure out where you are in this three step process. Then do something to move forward.

  • Are you open to the possibility that the world of Spirit is readily available to you? If not, ask yourself, what is holding you back from embracing your connection with Source?
  • Do you set specific intentions for the experiences you want to have in your life? If not, consider how you might consciously set your intention on something and then devote yourself to bringing it into being.
  • Do you feel like you’ve got the first two steps down pat, but you’re still not enjoying the results? If so, practice the art of allowing by expressing your gratitude for that you are experiencing and set your intention on noticing and enjoying even more.

Think about it. Choose the step most appropriate to you.

And remember, fortune favors those with the courage to act.

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