The Last and Often Forgotten Step in Manifestation

The Last and Often Forgotten Step in Manifestation

By Matthew Joyce

Slice. It happened instantly.

One moment my finger was fine. The next a nasty paper cut dug into my index finger. It didn’t bleed but it sure dig sting.

As I rinsed off and bandaged my finger I realized the paper cut was a blessing. It was the perfect example to use to explain the last and often missing step in the manifestation process.

The Missing Step

So often when we want to bring new experiences into our lives we focus so intently on our desire for the new thing we want, that we forget that releasing our desires is actually what helps to bring them about.

It sounds paradoxical but it’s true.

Paradoxically the more intently you want something, the stronger you hold onto your desire for it. But you actually have to let go of your desire in order to experience the satisfaction of having your desire fulfilled.

What You Can Learn from a Lottery Ticket

To understand what I mean, imagine that your desire is symbolized by a winning lottery ticket. You know it’s the winning ticket so you clutch it tightly. You don’t want to lose it accidently and you don’t want anyone to take it from you. After all it’s worth millions of dollars.

Except that it isn’t.

The winning lottery ticket itself, isn’t worth anything. It’s just a piece of paper with a particular sequence of numbers written on it. In order to be worth anything at all you need to exchange that winning ticket for the check that you can take to the bank.

Before you can receive the check you need to hand over the lottery ticket so that your winning number can be verified and the bank check can be prepared for you.

In other words you need to let go of the symbol for your desire in order to receive the abundance you are trying to manifest.

You know it’s true for winning lottery tickets, yet so often during the manifestation process people hold onto the “winning tickets” that can be exchanged for what they really want.

“How do I let go when I want it so badly?” they ask.

And that’s where the paper cut comes in.

What You Can Learn from a Paper Cut

When you hand over your winning ticket to the lottery official you place your trust in that person. You trust them to verify your winning ticket and to pay you the money that is rightly yours. But most of the time during the manifestation process there doesn’t seem to be anyone to hand your desire over to.

You need to release it seemingly into thin air.

Except you don’t.

When you slice your finger on a piece of paper it leaves a nasty little cut on your hand. But, like me, you can bandage it up with complete confidence that your body knows exactly how to heal itself. Within a few days time your body will have followed its own innate healing process and fulfilled your desire for a healthy, normal finger.

Your faith in your body’s ability to heal a paper cut is probably so absolute that releasing your desire and trusting in its fulfillment probably never even enters the picture. You just know it will heal and you go about life in complete confidence that it will be so.

That’s the level of release you are looking for during the manifestation process.

Releasing Is a Combination of Lottery Tickets and Paper Cuts

So when you want to manifest something, the last and most often forgotten step is to release your desire in complete confidence that it will be fulfilled.

This is not wishful thinking. Releasing means letting go and allowing the manifestation process to fulfill your desires.

So the next time you want to manifest something, it may help you to think of winning lottery tickets and paper cuts. With both in mind, you’ll know when to hold onto the symbol of your desire and when to let it go, knowing with complete confidence that the abundance you desire will arrive as surely as you heal a paper cut.

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2 Responses to The Last and Often Forgotten Step in Manifestation

  1. Paul Chong says:

    This topic of manifestation and how it works is hard to explain and verbalise. I don’t know if what you wrote is right or wrong but it sounds good. I don’t think it explains an experience I had canoeing in Kamchatka, Russia, in the middle of the forest. The sun suddenly came out and I thought it would be nice if I had a pair of sunglasses. 2hrs later we pulled up on the riverbank so I could pee and when I was finished, I found a pair of sunglasses waiting for me. If you have provided the correct why? I don’t know.

  2. Matthew says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comment on our website. I appreciate you taking the time to write. The article talks about just one step in the manifestation process so you are right the few paragraphs here probably don’t fully explain your experience of finding the sunglasses. But you provide an excellent example of how manifestation works. You don’t describe your inner process but from what you say I gather that you held an idea of what you wanted and likely envisioned yourself wearing the sunglasses. Then by releasing the thought you created the opportunity for it to come into your experience. There are actually 9 steps to the manifestation and creation process but that’s the gist of it.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Shine Your Light That Others May See

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