How to Do a Psychic Reading

How to Do a Psychic Reading

by Matthew Joyce

A friend asked me take a look at him psychically the other day and I did so this morning. It was a first for me. I’ve done many other things in the psychic realm, including soul retrievals, energy healing, finding lost objects (no people yet), etc. But I’d never done a basic reading.

Since I had no preconceived way of doing things, we discussed various options such as being in the same room, doing the reading over the phone or just connecting remotely. Because our schedules didn’t overlap we opted for the remote session.

Since this was new to me I thought I’d share some observations.

First, finding a person in nonphysical reality is the same whether they are alive or dead. To do it I think of their name, which is really a shorthand version of their energy signature-a composite picture of everything about the person from appearance, to behavioral quirks, to voice, to belief systems, etc. Even when I only have a name, that can be enough as long as I hold the intention of finding the person.

Second, there are many ways to do a reading. I ran through several as I experimented.

I first saw an image that looks like the person appears in physical reality. From this I can ascertain overall appearance, general health, and basic emotions. This is not very different from what you might pick up by looking at someone in the same room as you.

Next I looked at belief systems. These were represented as visual images surrounding the person. In this case the person was bound by cords and hoops. Obviously they’re not there in physical reality but they represented binding beliefs that were holding him back. Other images appeared as well such as a person feeding a dog a treat. This had specific meaning as well, which I won’t share since it was personal to him. Over the course of the reading I perceived many such images that helped to paint a more complete picture of what was going on for him.

Energy flow was the next thing I examined. I looked at how energy flowed through his various bodies, including the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. I could see how the energy flowed in channels similar to blood in your veins or via the meridians of Chinese medicine. I could see blockages in various areas which indicated potential health issues. In some cases there was a correlation between a blockage in one area such as in an arm and a problem in another area called a chakra, which is one of seven primary energy centers along the spine.

I could also see how the limiting beliefs were impacting the flow of energy through the channels. This led me to look deeper into the energy matrix (see future posts explaining this) to see how his thought processes were manifesting themselves in his life, both in his body and in his experiences.

After this, I began to catch glimpses of past lives he had lived. The images were clear but did not appear in context. So I asked for guidance on their interpretation. As I asked, I received answers, such as “In the lifetime you are perceiving, organization and control was very important. In this lifetime, [CLIENT NAME] seeks freedom and creative expression to balance that experience.”

This brings me to the next point. In some cases I saw imagery and intuited its meaning. In other cases I simply had a feeling of gnosis-knowing something without any prompting at all. At other points, I asked for guidance, advice or clarification and I received it.

Finally, I spent some time interviewing my client’s spirit self, who was much more candid about what going on than my client ever would be. We discussed particular fears, what they represented and how they were serving a particular purpose, even as they were also holding back his growth. At the end of the conversation I enlisted the help of this spirit self to help the client through his current issues. The spirit self was quite glad to have an ally to bring important information to a conscious level.

There was much more to the reading, but those are the basic categories that it covered. I hope this was helpful in understanding one way a psychic reading can be done.

Action Plan

1. Access the person nonphysically

2. Check overall impressions

3. Review belief systems

4. Examine energy flow

5. Review past lives

6. Interview spirit self

Also ask for help and check with guidance as you go along.

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