Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Are you interested in enhancing your personal growth? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In this section you will find articles to help you explore the richness of your inner life and develop an even better relationship with yourself. You’ll also discover helpful tips and suggestions about how to create and improve your relationships with all of the most important people in your life; your children, your partners and your family and friends.

The Most Important Gift

The most important gift isn’t something you receive. It’s feeling grateful for what you already have. Learn to unlock hidden gratitude with an easy technique to bring it into your awareness whenever you want.

What Magnets Can Teach You About Forgiveness

You can learn a lot about forgiveness from magnets. Learn how to forgive with this simple method.

The Magic of Rules

Every relationship has lots of rules. Most of which seem to have been created by magic. If you didn’t create them, who did? Once the magician shows you how it’s done, there is no mystery to it.

The Pledge of Vulnerability

Far from making you weaker, revealing your vulnerabilities can make your relationships stronger—if you create an appropriate supportive context with this Pledge of Vulnerability.

The Power of Why

Want to transform your teen’s (or anyone’s) surly behavior into a positive, meaningful relationship? You can—once you understand the Power of Why.

When Small Choices Make a Big Difference

Sometimes what we say and do doesn’t achieve the desired results. With these few tips in mind you’ll see how small choices can make a big difference in your relationships.

How to Have More Rewarding Conversations with Yourself

There is no escape from a negative conversation if you’re talking to yourself. Learn these three easy steps for eliminating negative self talk and becoming your own best friend.

When and How to Use Judgment

When used appropriately judgment is a powerful means of determining your experiences. Used incorrectly it can lead to pain and frustration. Do you know when and how to use judgment?