Good Questions

Good Questions

Have you been wondering about something? Chances are other people are thinking about it too. The articles in this section include some of the more interesting and common questions we’re asked.

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How Do You Know It’s Real?

When I talk with people about the interactions I have with spirit guides, ghosts, and other nonphysical beings the single most common question I receive is “How do you know it’s real?” or more accurately “How can we tell that the experiences we’re having are real and not something that we’re just making up? This article provides the answer.”

What Is Samadhi?

Many times, confusing and foreign sounding words are used in explanations about spiritual experiences. We take this opportunity to explain one of the most important terms for you to understand as you pursue your path of personal growth.

What Is Your Measure?

How you choose to view your life creates both the measuring tool and the lens through which you perceive your experiences. Learn 500 year old advice on how to focus on what is truly important.

When Does 1 Minus 1 Not Equal Zero?

1 – 1 = ? seems like a basic math question. Yet when you apply a spiritual perspective different answers arise. The one you choose reveals much about you.