Lee Carroll

Channeling the Light

A Conversation with Lee Carroll

by Matthew Joyce

Note: Versions of this article were originally published in the Boulder Weekly and PlanetLightWorker.com

Lee Carroll talks with Higher Self GuidesA former engineer and businessman from San Diego, California, Lee Carroll had his doubts about metaphysics when a psychic told him of an angel named Kryon, whom no one had ever heard of.  But when a different psychic said the same thing three years later he was stunned.  Within weeks Lee found himself typing out the words of this angel into a book-length manuscript about karma, meditation, Jesus and how to accelerate your spiritual growth.

Three years later, in 1992, he started channeling to small groups in living rooms in Del Mar, California, and soon moved to a larger venue at a local church. Today he hosts meetings all over the world with audiences ranging from dozens to thousands of people at a time. An inveterate traveler and an accomplished speaker, Lee tours the United States and the world constantly, often making up to 50 appearances a year.

In 1995, Lee was asked to channel Kryon at the United Nations (UN) in New York City before a UN-chartered group known as the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T.). Only delegates to the UN and guests of the society could attend. The meeting was so well received that he has been invited back five more times to present his message of love, most recently in 2007.

Lee channels Kryon regularly and when he gathers enough material he compiles the teachings into books. He has written 11 Kryon books, which have sold close to a million copies and have been translated into 24 languages. Among them are Don’t Think Like a Human, The Parables of Kryon and Partnering with God, which answer questions and provide a guide for improving yourself and the world in the new millennium.

He is also the co-author of two books, The Indigo Children and An Indigo Celebration, which were the first books to identify a new set of characteristics in children that could represent a change in the human species. He will be releasing a new book about Indigo Children, as well as a new Kryon book called Lifting the Veil in early 2007. Many of his materials are made available for free on his website, www.kryon.com, which receives more than 20,000 hits every day.

Matthew Joyce: When you started 18 years ago few people had heard of the practice of channeling and fewer still were actually doing it. Is it pretty well accepted at this point?

Lee Carroll: I still remind people that channeling is not a situation where you are taken over by another entity who does magic. It is often misunderstood as something spooky and weird, and some people don’t want anything to do with it. They would rather stick to information that isn’t channeled-they think.

“Everyone is worthy of communicating with God. To think that God stopped communicating with humanity thousands of years ago is to deny your own divinity, not feeling worthy to consider yourself part of God’s continued plan for an enlightened Earth.”

By definition channeling is the divine, inspired words or energy of God as imparted to humans by humans. As sacred as the holy Bible and the scriptures of other religions are, they all came into this world through people who interpreted and shared it with others. The same is true for divinely inspired artwork and music too. Channeling is absolutely commonplace, but it can have a stigma about it that is strange.

We tend to think of channeling as special men and women of God passing information on to us, not common folks passing it on to each other. But everyone is worthy of communicating with God. To think that God stopped communicating with humanity thousands of years ago is to deny your own divinity or to assign some special sacredness to the past, not feeling worthy to consider yourself part of God’s continued plan for an enlightened Earth.

MJ: Exactly. Some people don’t realize that they are communicating with the divine. Or if they do, then perhaps they have not been doing so as consciously and deliberately as they would like. You’ve been doing so for a long time. How has the energy of Kryon changed over the years?

LC: The biggest change in the channeling that I do is when I started, it was very difficult for me. It took four years to get to the place where I could feel comfortable. From then on the energy has increased yearly. I feel more directly connected now, and I’m doing a better job with interpretation. So for me personally this has been a transition of ascension. I am feeling far more connected to my Higher Self than I was when I started, and I can see the stair steps in my progress very clearly.

MJ: I know what you mean about interpretation. I also access other dimensions, and when I’m on that side of the veil I don’t necessarily communicate by wrapping words in English. Instead I communicate in ideas, but not necessarily in language. But to talk about it on this side of the veil, I need to put it into English. This means I have to translate. It is almost like if you don’t speak Spanish and I do, then I will listen to the Spanish and then tell you what was said in English. Except for me I listen in “nonphysical” and then tell you in English. Is that comparable to how you would do it?

LC: That is exactly how it is. Thank you for that because part of my presentations have always been about this perception. Interdimensionality is a different language. And not only that, [but when you are experiencing other dimensions] you are completely out of the three-dimensional box. You have been completely removed from 3D, and you have to study what is there with your 3D mind. It’s not a 3D picture, so you have to interpret it and come back and decide what it means.

Sometimes I wish I could do seminars on this subject alone. I think it would open people’s eyes to why channeling is the way it is. Some channelers say this, and others say something totally and completely different. Yet they are all respected and with good reasons. It is about the interpretation. It is about what the human sees or chooses to see when the big picture is presented to them. That is where the discernment comes in. You realize you are growing when you realize that you are seeing a bigger picture than you used to.

MJ: So you are getting better at interpretation. Have the messages from Kryon changed over the years?

LC: The message has never changed, but the way I have been teaching and what I have received from Kryon in terms of how to present the material has expanded. My entire goal is to channel this angel Kryon and his message, which has always been one of self-enablement and self-improvement, and the fact that we are now in charge of our own reality and our own history in a way that we never have been before.

The message from the very beginning was that in 1987 we literally changed the fabric of reality. We moved off the peg of an old paradigm that you can read about in Revelation, in Nostradamus. You can look at history and see that it is not happening. We moved off of that paradigm and we are moving onto another one that involves what the Mayans saw in 2012, which is a renaissance. We’re being given tools within our DNA to become more enlightened. This does not mean that we are going to become more religious or spiritual. It just means that we are going to think differently, and by thinking differently we are going to reach some very different conclusions about ourselves.

MJ: So what does this mean for the future?

LC: Kryon says the potentials for humanity are very good and that we are, indeed, moving in a positive direction, but it is difficult to see. When you watch the evening news things look awful, but that is the result of shining a bright light on things that have been going on for a very long time. You start to see things that you have not seen before. You see the corruption and the horror and the evil that we do to each other being revealed very clearly. It has always been there, but it is being revealed in a new light.

Kryon says that we are creating the future as we go. God is not going to save us from our own foolishness. There is no magic in the sky that is going to hand us something that we are not in charge of. We always look above, but we end up finding God by looking inside ourselves. We are being asked to claim new wisdom.

MJ: We’re coming to experience ourselves as divine, as interconnected on many levels and in many dimensions. We are coming to experience and to know ourselves as the light itself.

“Kryon’s message has always been one of self-enablement, and the fact that we are now in charge of our own reality and our own history in a way that we never have been before.”

LC: It is funny you bring that up. I didn’t mention it because it is usually a whole long conversation, but for the past few years I’ve been addressing how inside of us is the light. Our prophets, our scriptures are written right there on our DNA.

MJ: Yes, and so much more.

LC: Isn’t this the big issue on the Earth today regarding religion? You have Christians, Jews and Muslims and some who are intolerant of others because their God says that the others are not included. You don’t want to pull them out of their religion but you would like to help them understand the tolerance of what the fabric is all about.

MJ: And that is the challenge we face of moving from a competitive way of being that stresses our separateness to a cooperative model that recognizes our unity.

LC: I think that is the focus of my work from now on.

MJ: Where are you concentrating your efforts these days?

LC: The major thrust these days is international. There are over 120 editions of Kryon [books] worldwide. They are in 24 languages, and the languages that have been the most popular would amaze you. Languages like Hebrew, Turkish, Hungarian and Russian. Most of our audiences are in the thousands when we go overseas. People are very hungry in these parts of the world where they haven’t had metaphysics before. They are starting to ask questions on their own, not through big programs or promotions, but on their own. And one of the questions they are asking is, “Is God bigger than I have been told?”

MJ: That’s extremely encouraging, and it’s not something you’re likely to see on the news. This article will be coming out in January when people are thinking about the year ahead. Are there any messages for the coming year?

LC: Kryon is saying that less than one half of 1 percent of humanity has to wake up to this enlightened state. Not a state that makes them better than anyone else, but one that recognizes what you and I have been talking about, which is tolerance, the oneness of God. And when you do this it begins to change the way people think. It begins to change the leadership of those in charge. But it has to start within.

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