We’re fortunate enough to talk with spiritual authors, teachers, thinkers, and leaders on a frequent basis. So this portion of the website gives you a chance to eavesdrop on some of the fascinating conversations we’ve had. The subject matter may vary, but you’ll always find something fascinating to think about and some practical advice to help you on your spiritual path.

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Bestselling author Gregg Braden on choosing our personal and collective futures

Science and spirituality agree that there’s a field and everything is part of it. As we accept the power that we’re given through our connection in this divine matrix, we discover that we are invited to become in our lives the very things that we’d like to experience in our world…

World-renown spiritual channel Lee Carroll on finding God by looking inside yourself

The message has always been one of self-enablement and the fact that we’re being given tools to become more enlightened. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to become more religious or spiritual. It means we’re going to think differently and reach some very different conclusions about ourselves…

Spiritual author and teacher Peter Russell on the keys to inner wisdom

Science says the world is composed of matter and energy, but it can’t explain what gives rise to consciousness. These old ways of thinking are giving way to new world views that lead to the awakening of humanity, but the pace of change and breakdown grows ever faster. So the question is: Will we wake up in time?