Armchair Reading

Armchair Reading

Higher Self Guides Reading Library Often when an article doesn’t fit well into the other sections of our library it ends up here. But don’t let that fool you. Some of the most interesting ideas in life are often those that are the most difficult to categorize. So take a look around, stretch your mind, and read on.

Navigating in Nonphysical Reality (Part 1)

Navigating means making your way to a destination or controlling the course of your journey. To better understand how to navigate in nonphysical reality it helps to understand how humans learned to navigate in physical reality. So let’s start with what we know about getting around in the physical world and draw some parallels to navigating through nonphysical reality.

Navigating in Nonphysical Reality (Part 2)

In the 1700’s Captain James Cook revolutionized the nature of navigation around the world. Navigation in nonphysical reality didn’t make a similar leap until the 1920s when Hans Berger invented a device to measure electrical signals produced by the human brain. As researchers recognized the correlation between brainwave frequencies and different states of consciousness they began to create the first scientific maps of human consciousness. This made it possible to link subjective personal experiences in nonphysical reality back to the physical world.

The Fish, The Pelican, and the Nature of Reality

Parables are a time honored way to share spiritual messages. Follow along with the fish and the pelican as they explore a greater reality.

The Ocean’s Identity Crisis

Ever wonder how this lifetime fits into other past lives? Here’s a parable to help you understand your own journey of conscious awareness.

The Panhandler’s Box

What would you do if you received a special gift that would help you create the life of your dreams? Find out what the beggar does in this parable.