Why Manifestation Patterns Are Like Underwear

Why Manifestation Patterns Are Like Underwear

By Matthew Joyce

Have you ever had a Wedgie? Maybe you call it a Snuggy or a Melvin.

It’s a prank during which someone yanks the waistband of your underwear so high up your waist that they become extremely uncomfortable. It’s considered great fun among pre-teens, but mature folk tend to be far less amused.

The thing is, you can actually learn an important truth about manifestation from wedgies.

Because manifestation is a bit like wearing underwear

If your underwear fit well, they serve their purpose without calling attention to themselves [unless that is their purpose].

It’s the same thing with the patterns you use for manifestation. If the patterns you’re using don’t fit you right, they’re going to feel uncomfortable.

Everything in the universe is based on patterns

Patterns determine everything in nature from the DNA in your genetic sequence to the birth of hurricanes to the orbits of the planets. The same is true with human creations. Whether you are following a recipe to cook dinner or an architectural blueprint to construct a building, the pattern you use determines the outcome.

The same goes for manifesting anything you want in life. Everything is based on its own unique pattern.

Use the wrong pattern and you manifest an unwanted experience

But a bad pattern match isn’t quite as obvious as receiving a wedgie.

So how can you tell if your pattern fits?

Why you try it on, of course.

Checking the fit of a new pattern is easier than you think

You constantly hold hundreds of different patterns associated with your various beliefs about yourself and the world. You also regularly adopt new patterns, depending upon what it is you want to bring into your life.

If you are not consciously aware of how those patterns feel as you “wear” them, then chances are you don’t know what to look for.

The simplest way to discern the feeling of a good pattern match is to try on a pattern that doesn’t fit you. It’s the obvious mismatch of an ill fit that sets up the contrast for making a comparison with a pattern that does indeed fit you.

How to Try on a Pattern

You can test how well a pattern fits by doing this easy, but subtle test. It’s based on how a pattern feels as you identify it and claim it for your own.

To test the pattern, you first make true and false statements about yourself and notice how you feel as you make them. When you can distinguish the feelings of truth and falsehood, you’re ready to test the actual pattern. If it fits, it will feel like the truth.

The testing process is easier than you think. I’ll explain the directions below. There are several steps, but if you read them once you’ll get the gist of things. Then you can do the test.

How to Test a Pattern Fit

  1. Begin by thinking of a few basic facts about yourself, such as your gender, name, age, the color of your eyes, the place you live, etc.
  2. Take a deliberate breath and relax a bit as you exhale. Then close your eyes.
  3. Speak aloud a true statement about your gender, saying I am male or female as appropriate to you. As you speak notice how your body feels as you make the statement. The pattern is true and you’re quite familiar with it so you may not notice much. But the feeling of a good pattern match should contrast with the next statement.
  4. Next speak aloud a false statement about your gender, saying I am male or female as is opposite for you. As you make this statement notice how your body feels. Does it feel differently? Any physical sensation may be subtle, so scan carefully and look for any mental or emotional dissonance as well. How is it that you experience that the statement you just made is not true?
  5. Repeat this comparison process with true and false statements about your name, age, color of your eyes, place you live, etc. Continue the comparisons until you can readily distinguish a sense of truth and falsehood within your experience. This sense is what lets you know if the pattern fits comfortably or not.
  6. Once you can recognize a good pattern fit, you’re ready to try on the new pattern you want to manifest. To recall the new pattern repeat your affirmation or, better yet, revisit the experience that you desire in your imagination.
  7. Then when the new pattern is clear in your mind, notice how it feels. Does it feel like the truth to you?

If the pattern is a good fit for you, it will feel comfortable. If it isn’t a good fit, you may have some more work to do.

If it doesn’t fit, reconsider the building blocks you used to create the pattern. Look for any pre-existing concepts, limiting beliefs, and underlying drivers to see if you can find the hang up.

The feeling of a good fit is the strongest assurance that you are on your way to manifesting what you want.

That doesn’t mean you can’t manifest something without a good fit, but you will be fighting against that wedgie feeling until you can get the new pattern comfortably attuned to your system.

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