What Santa Claus Taught Me About Manifestation

By Janet Joyce

The December sun hung low in the sky and the air was brisk enough to see my breath when I arrived in Oakland, California with Matthew and my two brothers to see a Grateful Dead concert in 1986. Three of us had tickets to the show. My brother Todd didn’t.

Todd had driven to the show separately in hope of finding a ticket, but the concert was sold out. We all knew his chances were slim and that he was likely to end up driving home alone. So I volunteered to stay outside with Todd to look for a ticket, while Matthew and Stewart went in to find us seats.

In the fading light, Todd and I walked around looking for anyone who might have an extra ticket.

“Do you have any extra tickets?” I asked over and over again.

But no one did.

To make matters worse, lots of other people were looking for tickets too. They weren’t finding any either. The competition turned Todd skeptical. But I knew that somehow we would definitely find a ticket.

After an hour we finally stopped walking and let the crowds flow past us on their way into the show. I can’t count how many times we asked for an extra ticket. The plaintive looks on our faces were met with smiles, but no one produced the coveted extra ticket.

As show time approached the stream of incoming people dwindled and Todd began to lose hope. “I’m not going to get in. We should just accept it,” he said, sitting down on a curb.

But I refused to give up. “We’re going to get you a ticket. Just wait. It’s going to happen,” I said, maintaining my positive attitude.

“Let’s face it. The show starts in five minutes. It was a nice try, but I should just go home,” he said.

Todd was right. I knew we needed to get inside before they turned out the lights if we were going to find our group (there were no cell phones back then), but I lingered anyway. Somehow I just knew someone with an extra ticket was approaching from beyond the pool of light cast by the streetlamp.

The Santa Connection

As the situation took on a rather bleak hue of hopelessness, I looked at Todd and said, “Now, I AM going to get you a ticket!”

Just then, a round, jovial looking fellow with a red tie-died shirt, white beard and rosy cheeks came walking around the corner. He looked like Santa Claus going to a Grateful Dead concert.

“Look, here comes a guy who has your ticket!” I said.

“It’s too cliché to be true,” said Todd.

As Santa got close to us, I again uttered my hopeful refrain. “Do you have any extra tickets?”

Santa looked at me and grinned. “Why yes, I do!”

I couldn’t believe my ears, but that didn’t stop me from jumping up and down with excitement.

Todd was stunned.

Santa took the extra ticket out of his pocket and handed it to me.

“How much do you want for it?” I asked.

Santa simply shook his head “ Just take it. No charge,” he laughed. “Enjoy the show, and Merry Christmas!”

I was so excited I grabbed this stranger and I gave him a great big hug and kiss. (Really. At a Grateful Dead concert even strangers are your friends.)

Todd smiled and shook his hand.

Then, giddy with delight and extra ticket in hand, we walked into the concert with Santa Claus for a wonderful evening of music and a manifestation success story that has lasted me a lifetime.

How It Worked

Many times since then I have tried to recreate that seemly magical experience of manifesting exactly what I wanted. Sometimes it has worked, and other times not so much. You may have had the same experience too. Sometimes the process of manifestation can seem to happen effortlessly, while other times it seems not only elusive and mysterious, but even frustrating and exasperating.

Matthew and I have had scores of conversations over the years about exactly how this process unfolds, and through trial and error and years of experience, Matthew has developed a teachable system of manifestation and creation that has the potential of working very consistently.

Looking back I now see that there were several different components to the manifestation process that made it work for me that night. First, and most obviously, I kept a positive attitude. I believed that our efforts would work. And even though I knew logically that our chances were slim, I put that thought out of my head in favor of only positive beliefs.

Second, I refused to be swayed by the mounting evidence against the outcome I envisioned. Even as the time passed and the deadline approached without a positive result, I kept my optimistic outlook firmly in place.

Most importantly, I created a frequency match between me and the outcome I wanted such that I really and truly viewed the experience of Todd being inside that concert as if it were already true and a foregone conclusion. I didn’t just hope it would happen. I saw it in my mind as if it was simply the uncontested reality of the moment.

It Can Work For You Too

You don’t need Santa Claus to appear from around the corner in order to create the gift of manifestation on a daily basis in your life. What you do need are positive thoughts, unrelenting optimism, and especially the ability to match your frequency with your desired outcome.

There is a system for successful manifestation, but it never hurts to believe in the magic of Santa as well.

Wishing you surprising gifts of your own creation every day.

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  1. Mindy Angus says:

    I really enjoyed Janet’s story about the Grateful Dead tickets 😉 I always knew there was a Santa Claus!

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