How to Protect Yourself from Negative Astral Entities

By Matthew Joyce

We enjoy answering reader questions and thought you might be interested in this exchange.

When I try to expand my awareness to perceive other realms I encounter nasty astral beings. It’s so scary that it keeps me from exploring. What can I do about it?

First of all, I can confirm your experience. I too have experienced nasty beings out there. But you don’t need to let them keep you from your explorations. They are but a tiny part of the vast sea of consciousness and with a bit of understanding, preparation, and practice you can virtually eliminate them from your experiences. The universe is a grand place and by innate birthright, as a sentient being, you have a passport to explore its farthest reaches.

Why You Are Perceiving Them

To deal with negative astral beings it helps to first understand why you are perceiving them. The short answer is that you are shifting your awareness to frequencies on which they exist.

Nonphysical beings exists on frequencies beyond those of normal perception. For most people, normal day-to-day awareness involves perceiving the world within a certain range of frequencies based on the physical senses of eyesight, hearing, etc. When you meditate, travel out of body, or otherwise turn up your psychic senses you are shifting or expanding the range of frequencies that you can perceive. In effect you are adjusting the dial on the perceptual radio that you are listening to.

Your ability to do this is both good and bad news. It’s good news because it exposes you to things that people with “normal” awareness don’t perceive. The bad news is that some of the things that you perceive may not be to your liking. But don’t worry, it’s easy enough to adjust the tuning on your perceptual radio once you know how.

When you tune your perceptual radio to the lower astral band, a certain set of frequencies just beyond those of physical reality, you can encounter ghosts and other beings. Not all ghosts or astral beings are nasty. In fact most of the ones I’ve encountered have been as pleasant in the afterlife as they were when they were alive. But just as nasty people exist in physical reality so too do nasty beings exist in nonphysical reality.

Fortunately, just as you have learned skills to avoid certain people that you don’t want to deal with in physical reality, there are some things that you can do to avoid dealing with certain types of nonphysical beings as well.

The Simplest Way to Deal with Negative Entities

The simplest way to deal with negative entities is to avoid contacting them in the first place. That may seem like a challenge based on some of your past experiences, but I assure you it is possible.

To do this it helps to think of reality as a range of frequencies that you can tour like an interstate highway system. Your previous encounters with nasty beings took place in a bad neighborhood but it isn’t the only one you can visit. So my first tip is to take a different exit off the interstate.

When you are new to consciousness explorations you may not yet have full control over where you are sending your awareness. Moreover, because negative beings tend to exist on frequencies close to physical reality it is not unusual for you to end up there. To make matters worse, repeatedly visiting those same places reinforces your abilities to go there. You can think of it like habituating yourself to taking the first exit off the interstate and driving through the slums in a bad part of town.

You can skip the slums and improve the quality of your nonphysical interactions by taking the following steps.

Set Your Intentions

Just as you would when you set out on a road trip, it makes sense to plan your trip in advance. You need not plan everything down to the details, but it generally improves the journey when you are clear on your objectives before you start. Often you can do this by stating a basic affirmation such as:

“It’s my intention to explore and experience realms of consciousness that are positive and growth promoting. Further, it is my stated intention to encounter only those beings whose wisdom, compassion, and sense of service is equal to or greater than my own.”

Although a statement such as this may seem simple, it’s clarity of purpose can be as effective as deciding in advance that you will continue driving on the interstate until after you have bypassed the exit to the less desirable neighborhood.

Create a Sphere of Protection

After stating your intention it’s also helpful to take practical steps to protect yourself. If you were traveling in a car you might roll up the windows and lock the doors. You can do the same thing with your aura, the spherical energy field that surrounds you all the time whether you are in your physical body or off traveling in other realms.

Your aura is a bit like your breath in that it works automatically as well as responding to your conscious control. To protect yourself, take a few deep breaths and then imagine your aura as a sphere of energy surrounding your physical and/or nonphysical body. As with taking conscious control of your breath, this act of imagination is all it takes for your aura to change its shape.

Next be clear about how you want to use your aura at this time. You might imagine it as an impenetrable force field, allowing you to see but keeping everything out. Or you might imagine it as a filter, keeping out only negative influences, while allowing in positive influences. You might make it like an outward-facing mirror that reflects back whatever the being you encounter is projecting.

For my part, I tend to envision my aura as a sphere of light with whatever properties I need at the time. When I started years ago I envisioned it as surrounding my physical and nonphysical bodies. Now I tend to perceive myself as a field of awareness rather than as a being in a body, so the light itself has become my identity. From this vantage point, I am fully protected because light can’t be harmed.

How you decide to use your aura is limited only by your imagination, but the main thing is to learn to trust its automatic features. Once set up as a protective system, you can trust it to perform automatically in the same way that you trust your breathing.

Ask for Protection and Guidance

The third tip is to remind you that you need not do your explorations alone. Starting from within the privacy of your own mind it’s easy to assume that you are alone in your travels. Indeed, you can be if you like. But help, protection, and guidance are readily available to you should you ask for them.

Asking for help is as straightforward as that. After you state your initial intentions, as described above, you can add on another sentence like the following:

“I now ask for help, protection, and guidance to ensure that I visit only those realms or encounter those beings most beneficial to me at this time.”

How that assistance shows up may vary depending on the circumstances and your perceptual abilities. Sometimes you may sense a presence with you. Other times you may receive a sense of knowing just when you need it. But often the way to recognize that you are being guided and protected is by simply realizing that you are having the positive experiences you asked for. In other words, you may recognize that you are receiving assistance by the fact you are not dealing with negative entities and you don’t need any further help.

As with your aura, asking for and receiving assistance works best when you learn to trust its automatic features.

The Most Important Thing

These basic steps will go a long way toward assuring that your explorations are positive and growth promoting, but I want to add one more thought to keep in mind. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what you encounter (in physical or nonphysical reality) you are always safe in present moment awareness. When you keep this in mind, your fears melt away and the universe opens to you as a safe and wonderful place to explore and express who you truly are.

Next Step

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6 Responses to Protection

  1. Debra Goranson says:

    This is a great article-very useful and easily understood. I was rather clueless before I started meditating and didn’t understand that unpleasant entities exist on the Other Side, just like they do here. Knowing how to protect yourself on this side or the Other Side is a valuable skill. Thank you for the information.

  2. Matthew says:


    Glad you found the article helpful. As I mentioned in the article, unpleasantness is present in some areas, but it drops off pretty quickly as you raise your energy state. I rarely encounter it anymore unless I go looking for it (such as doing soul retrievals). With practice, these basic skills can go a long way toward ensuring you have positive experiences.


  3. sue h. Anon says:

    Thanks , Matthew. It is a great, clear expansion of what we spoke of in the Virtual Tea House . Many thanks, Sue

  4. scott says:

    this was very helpful im just starting to open my third eye and i have only done basic things like connecting with how someone else is feeling and visions of different parts of the world but i did not know that your aura can shield you from negative things . i had noticed i can project my aura outwards farther than normal until it was a dome covering 4 feet around me while this happened nobody made negative jokes or any rude comments until it went away (im an apprentice at my workplace so a day of nobody cracking rude jokes is a very rare occurrence) this is all so new to me and i would love to find more information on how to improve this skill

    • Matthew says:


      Your experimentation with using your aura for protection against negative comments is a great idea. In addition to inventing more protective uses, you can also use for attracting things into your life. Manifestation is the obvious example, but it’s also amazingly helpful for getting cooperation, such as from the airline ticket clerk whose help you need to get rerouted after you flight has been cancelled.

      If you happen to be Colorado I teach workshops were we go over these skills. If you life elsewhere you might consider contacting one of my fellow trainers at the Monroe Institute. You can find out more information at

      Best of luck with your explorations.


  5. Kim says:

    I once had an out of body experience in my room. It was shocking for me because I was not eating any meat at the time and was praying alot. just went to sleep and woke up looking down at my body; i became scared and immediately after that I went back into my body and then awoke. That experience really blow my mind. I am a beliver in astral travel and need to learn more on this subject so that I would not feel fear.
    I think I felt fear because i didn’t understand at that time what was happening to me and where would I be going.

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