Your Secret Weapon for Manifestation and How It Works

By Matthew Joyce

It hears without ears and sees without sight
Flies without wings faster than light
Foretells the future and visits the past
Knows answers to questions yet to be asked
Castles it builds without any hands
Yet central it is to drawings and plans
Its use you learn without any school
For bound it is not by limit or rule
So what my friend can this riddle be?
Use it now and you shall see

Do you know what this riddle is describing? It’s your secret weapon for overcoming all of life’s challenges: your imagination.

Imagination is often considered to be the province of children, artists, and inventors, yet far from being a mental tool used only by “creative” people, imagination is a tool that you use every day.

Imagination is the means by which you perceive what is not immediately before you. Your physical senses provide a constant stream of information about the world around you, but your senses are limited. You can’t see objects beyond your line of sight. You can’t listen to sounds beyond your range of hearing. You can’t feel temperature, pressure, or moisture that is not in contact with your body.

Your Imagination Has No Such Limits

It’s your imagination that enables you to guess what is inside a wrapped present and to anticipate what the driver of the car in front of you is going to do next.

Your imagination is the means by which you dream up plans and envision solutions to problems. It’s the mental tool you use to convert the written words of a novel into images in your head or the phrases on a menu into a sense of the flavors you want to eat. Your imagination also makes it possible to recall past experiences in detail and to envision new experiences that have not yet happened.

In short, your imagination is the means by which you conceive of all manner of things that you can’t perceive with your five physical senses. But even more importantly, it is the means by which you create something new. It is for this reason that your imagination is your foremost tool in the manifestation process.

How Your Imagination Works

When it comes to manifesting the life experiences you want, your imagination acts in three basic modes: recollection, conception, and construction.

Start with What You Know

When you want to create a new experience, the easiest place to start is with the things you already know. To do this you scan your memory banks. Your memories encompass a vast storehouse of previous things that you have encountered, ranging from basic object and name recognition to recalling simple facts or patterns of behavior to remembering complex events with layers of detail and nuance.

Your mind quickly sorts through this vast treasure-trove of ideas, concepts, and behaviors to find the one that seems most applicable to your current circumstance. It is these pre-existing patterns that provide the foundation or structure for your new creation.

Often you can find a close match between what you want and what you already know. You naturally use these pre-existing patterns as you move forward with the manifestation process. But sometimes your memory banks don’t have what you are looking for. When this happens you shift into the second mode of imagination.

Conception or Reception

In this mode you open yourself to inspiration or guidance as you access a flow of new ideas. It is when you get creative and fill in the gaps in what you already know. It’s also the mode you use for problem solving and for inventing something new.

But you generally don’t stay in conception mode for long, because as soon as you discover a new idea to fill the gap, you begin to work with it in the third mode of imagination.


Construction mode is when you combine your pre-existing ideas with the fresh new ideas you’ve just conceived. This is the phase where your imagination projects your desires and insights onto the template of your past experiences in order to envision what does not yet exist. By the time you’re done in construction mode, you’ve fully imagined the outcome you want, be that as mundane as creating a new chocolate cookie recipe or as complex as inventing a new software program.

The Three Modes of Imagination

The Three Modes of Imagination: When you use your imagination to invent a new pattern you use three different modes. First, you recall memories of patterns you’re already familiar with. Second, you conceive new ideas to fill in the blanks of the pre-existing patterns. Third, you combine pre-existing ideas with new ideas to construct the new pattern you want.

Solving the Riddle

No matter what you seek to manifest, if you go about creating in a deliberate way, then you naturally use your imagination to bring it in into existence. So don’t worry if you’re not “the creative type” because once you recognize how it works, it’s easy to solve the riddle of imagination.

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