The Dynamic of Your Creative Power

By Matthew Joyce

What is God to you? Your answer says much about how you view your own creative power.

Allah, Yahweh, Atman, the Great Spirit, Zeus, Osiris, Gaia, the Divine Feminine, the Force, the Field. We are surrounded by other people’s conceptions of God. Some are deeply ingrained in human culture. Others date from ages past and no longer seem to apply. A few are newly emerging.

God has countless names, yet billions of people agree there is a universal creative force that is everywhere and in everything. Maybe you think so too.

If so, it might be time to reconsider how you think of God.

What’s Your Answer to These Questions?

  • Is your concept of God one that someone else gave to you, or is it one that you crafted for yourself?
  • Does God have a form, such as Jesus, Buddha, or Ganesh? Is God a formless being or an invisible force?
  • Is God a being to be worshiped or supplicated, or something within from yourself?
  • Is God firm, paternal, gently supportive, or someone you can have personal conversations with?
  • Is God the blind watchmaker of evolution or random chance?

Maybe you do not believe God exists at all.

You Design Your Own God

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. God naturally takes on the attributes most important to you.

If you sometimes feel powerless, then perhaps you look to an external source of power. If you often feel angry, then perhaps you see God as wrathful, or conversely you look to God as a source of forgiveness. If you feel love for the world, then perhaps you conceive of God as the source of love. If you want support and guidance, then perhaps you look to God for that. And if you feel you’ve got it all together on your own, then perhaps you feel you don’t need a God concept at all.

God Is the Dynamic of Your Creative Power

However you’ve framed it for yourself, it’s worthwhile considering whether the concept is one you’ve adopted consciously or unconsciously. Because your concept of God signifies the dynamic through which you interact with the creative power of the universe.

Do you recognize that a creative power exists at all? Do you see it as something that exists beyond yourself? It is something that you access from time to time, or do you feel it stirring inside of you with every breath you take?

Using these questions to evaluate your concept of God can be a powerful meditation to help you determine which aspects work well for you and which might need to be reconsidered.

As you consciously redesign your ideas about God, you expand your awareness of how that universal force is working in your life and in the world. The point is to help you recognize the possibility that this creative power doesn’t merely exist in all things, but within your interactions with all things and at all times.

Increased Awareness Leads to Increased Creative Power

To expand your concept of universal creative power try to see how many ways the idea or the feeling of God presents itself to you. Try to see God in an icon on an altar, in a picture of a saint, in a clergy member, or the singing choir.

But don’t only look for God in the typical people or places. Look for God in a laughing child, a pleading beggar on the street, in the person who cuts you off in traffic. See God in everyone you encounter.

Don’t limit yourself to seeing God in people. Notice that creative force in the magnificence of the sunrise and the simple beauty of a fallen flower petal. See It in the hawk soaring high overhead. See It in the flies buzzing on trash in the gutter. Feel It in a sudden burst of creative inspiration or love you have for someone close.

When you expand your previously held notion of God, you open yourself to a much wider range of creative power. The more you see God in the life around you in every moment, the more you’ll be in touch with that same creative force within yourself.

To learn more about how you can consciously harness that universal creative force within yourself, click here.

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5 Responses to God

  1. Eileen Ridgway says:

    Thanks Mathew

    I am a psychotherapist and getting very interested in energy spirituality. I am gently bringing in this aspect to my work,and beginning to consciously talk about God in my work with people. It was therefore synchronicity to see one e-mail about that very beginning conversation I had with one client this evening. We were talking about what God is and how personal and intimate, and unique to each person….yet not to consciously work with this energy is to ignore a very potent healing force….thanks for this wonderful article…it is exactely what I needed to read. The session was wonderful, I could feel a real beautiful energy in the room. Thanks for re affirming it !!


  2. Matthew says:


    So glad the article struck a chord with you. We have amazing access to that creative force, but we must first recognize it at work in the world and in our lives. I’d like to applaud you in turn for your work helping your clients to recognize it within themselves.



  3. LaughingRain says:

    another good article Matthew. when I was young I thought that to look upon the face of God was become transformed and/or obliterated in the Light.

    my simpliest definition is that God is Love and that I am love in essence; then I consider God is Light, while pain, suffering, disease, chaos, etc is the darkness that is shone away in the Light. even when I am in the darkness I think that God is showing me I am believing temporarily in a lie, and since God is mercy, God will show that to me.
    I relate in a personal manner to All That Is as God. hey, you forgot to include All That is in your description!
    but you are very good writer you know. your friend, Alysia or LaughingRain

  4. Matthew says:

    @LaughingRain You’re right I didn’t mention All-That-Is and I almost always do. LOL! I guess it just didn’t seem necessary.

    I read an interesting follow up thought to this article today: You eventually become whatever God you worship.

    Food for thought…


  5. LaughingRain says:

    Monroe called God the Great Designer. and he said he’d like to meet one day, the Great Designer. me too! about becoming whatever God (or virtue?) you worship, maybe it’s like we look into the mirror of each other only to find out we’re looking at our own self.
    can’t help but wonder if Monroe ever got his desire. I’m sure he met beings farther along the path than himself, from what I’ve read.

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