Are You Seeking Something in Life You Haven’t Found?

Do you understand how the power of your awareness works? Are you harnessing its immense potential to create the life experiences you want? Wouldn’t your life be significantly different, if you knew how to awaken, focus, and direct that awareness according to your desires?

If you don’t recognize and use the tools and talents within yourself, a lot of your life experiences may be less than optimal. And you may not even realize it! Now is your chance to learn the fundamental skills you need to awaken to your true nature . Then you can use your own personal tool kit to enjoy consistent inner peace, access guidance, visit nonphysical reality, or achieve Self-realization!

Now Is Your Time

For millennia most people have viewed divine spirituality as being only available to those with special gifts. But divine spirituality isn’t just for monks and mystics any more. It’s for everyone, every day, all the time. You already have within yourself everything you need to need to find—and enjoy—what you are looking for.

Discover What You Seek Within Your Self

When you join us you’ll learn simple methods of awakening and expanding consciousness that are based on a perennial philosophy that’s been expressed by spiritual teachers, mystics, and philosophers for over 3000 years: The very essence of your being is a conscious field of awareness that is ever changing yet everlasting—and it is capable of bringing into being anything that you can imagine.

Imagine being able to access and use that awareness any time you want in daily life. It’s so essential to who you are that you will wonder just how you overlooked this incredible aspect of your being for so long.

We’re Here to Help You

Matthew Joyce and Janet JoyceHi, we’re Matthew & Janet Joyce, founders of Higher Self Guides. We’ve helped people just like you to access their Higher Selves and integrate meaningful spirituality into their everyday lives. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of your Self and accelerate your spiritual development, you’re in the right place.

Having walked the path of Self-realization personally we’ve deconstructed the process and created a structured training sequence that takes you from exactly where you are in the present moment and guides you systematically through a series of exercises that emphasize direct personal experiences at each stage along the way toward your ultimate goal. Each step builds on the one before as you learn specific techniques for focusing and directing your awareness in order to create the life experiences you desire.

How Can You Get There?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking to reduce stress, improve your meditations, or manifest new life circumstances. The underlying principles are fundamentally the same. We’ve studied clinical psychology and ancient spiritual techniques from around the world and simplified them into a process that teaches you:

1) how to identify what’s in your current awareness,

2) how to clarify the new experience you want,

3) how to bring desired experiences about for the first time, and

4) how to memorize those experiences so you can bring them about consistently.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It

Faith is important in life, but so is personal discernment. We know the internet is filled with websites that make amazing promises and then after taking your money they fail to deliver. That’s why we don’t expect you to take our word for it.

Our website is filled with testimonials from people just like you who have bought our products and attended our events. Plus we provide more than 24 free articles here on our website for you to read, free teleconferences, and live events—all designed to help you make up your mind about the value of the information we provide.

I don’t want to tell you the answer…

allison“What I love the most is that Matthew and Janet insist that none of this is really that mystical, that there are step by step skills and tools that can be learned by anyone. Second, they break them down in easy to understand analogies and descriptions and third, they provide real exercises that are easy to follow so you can teach yourself these skills. Similar to a fitness coach, I view Matthew as someone who sets me up with a program to meet my needs, teaches me the basics, and coaches and motivates me along the way.

He’s told me numerous times, ‘I don’t want to tell you the answer, I want you to be able to FIND the answer any time you need it.’ This was the springboard I needed to open up to whole new experiences I never would have imagined.

After working with him I can now access clear guidance any time I really want it. I have experienced other dimensions and levels of consciousness first hand. And I can honestly say that my awareness and perception of reality has been greatly expanded because of our work together.”

—Allison Saltzer, Denver, CO

How to Get Started

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Many blessings,

Matthew and Janet Joyce, Guides